Vespa PH rolls out ‘Vibin’ in Color’ promo

The promo lets customers enjoy a special price on the Vespa Primavera, Primavera S, Sprint, Sprint S, and Primavera Color Vibe

Vespa PH rolls out ‘Vibin’ in Color’ promo

MANILA: Vespa Philippines announced its latest promo dubbed "Vibin’ in Color."


  • What models are included in the Vespa Vibin’ in Color promo?

    Vespa models included in the Vibin’ in Color promo are the Primavera, Primavera S, Sprint, Sprint S, and Primavera Color Vibe.
  • Until when will the promo run?

    The said promo will run until April 30, 2024.
  • Per the local arm of the Italian motorcycle brand, the said initiative gives scooter shoppers the chance to enjoy exclusive deals on Vespa’s core offerings.

    Vespa Promo from Vespa PH 1

    Through the said promo, Vespa customers can ride home the Primavera — an automatic motorcycle that has served as the epitome of fashion and style, evoking vitality, sophistication, and joy — with a price tag that ranges from P190,000 to P210,000. They can also get the Primavera S, which has become a monument of enduring beauty and refined taste, with a sticker price that ranges from P200,000 to P220,000.

    Customers who are looking for a ride that embodies a modern, unique, and stylish spirit of sport can get the Vespa Sprint at a price that ranges from P210,000 to P230,000. And as for the Sprint S — a model that brings a new and youthful energy with its dynamic design — is now available from P220,000 to P240,000.

    The Vespa Primavera Color Vibe, on the other hand, is now offered from P235,000 to P215,000. The said scooter is a special series considered as a fitting tribute to the colorful and carefree universe of the brand.

    The Vespa Vibin’ in Color will run until April 30, 2024.

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