Yamaha Xmax: Key features explained

Yamaha Xmax: Key features explained

Yamaha has got two products in its Max Series scooters here in the Philippines - the Nmax and the Xmax. Both these products are designed to meet modern-day standards without compromising on performance, efficiency, and comfort. Among the two, the Xmax can be said to be the elder sibling of the Nmax. Here are some of the key features of the Yamaha Xmax.

yamaha xmax


Dynamic looks

The Xmax design has been inspired by Yamaha’s Tmax scooter. It is clearly a modern-day machine with some interesting features. The LED headlights depict a mean look to the scooter and the LED daytime running lights on top enhances the appearance. The rear end of the Xmax gets dual LED tail lights that are very nicely done.

Advanced meter console


The meter console of the Yamaha Xmax looks like that of a car. It features two dials - speedometer and tachometer - and a digital display in the middle of the dials that shows various other information. The meters are well lit and easily legible. Just like the design of the Xmax, its meter console also carries the DNA of the Tmax.

Traction control system

Yamaha xmax Traction control system

This is a feature that we don’t usually spot on a scooter. Yamaha has incorporated this to make sure that the user utilizes the full potential of the Xmax without losing his/her control over the two-wheeler. The traction control system prevents the rear wheel from losing traction irrespective of the road surface. It is a great feature to have and would come in handy especially for the beginner riders.

Large under seat storage


Yamaha has provided a very large under seat storage space in the Xmax. You can easily accommodate two full-face helmets and still get some unused space. This is clever engineering. Also, the presence of LED lighting allows you to use the under seat storage even in dark conditions without worrying about the lighting.

Electric power socket

We all have become very much dependent on our smartphones and laptops and want them to be available for use at all times. To keep your handsets charged, there is an electric power socket available on the Yamaha Xmax that features on-the-go charging.

Adjustable windshield

Yamaha xmax windshield


The fact that there is a large windshield available on the Yamaha Xmax was welcoming enough. But Yamaha also made the windshield adjustable. This is just amazing. The windshield can be raised 50mm higher. Of course, you can set it up based on your preferences. This will not only prevent you from wind blast at high speeds during highway runs but also keep away the debris.

Advanced smart key

Yamaha Xmax comes with a smart key that allows you to unlock the steering, seat, fuel tank, and compartment. It also gives you keyless ignition feature and you can locate your Xmax in a parking lot with a press of a button.

Anti-lock braking system


Another great safety feature on the Yamaha Xmax is the Anti-lock braking system (ABS). The Xmax comes equipped with wide tubeless tires - Front: 120 / 70-15", Rear: 140 / 70-14" - along with disc brakes at both the front and rear wheels. This combination provides you with a lot of braking power without losing traction.

300cc engine

Yamaha xmax engine

The Yamaha Xmax specifications state a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that produces 27 bhp of max power at 7,250 rpm and generates a healthy 29 Nm of torque at 5,750 revs. The fuel injection system enhances the performance and efficiency of the engine. The engine is powerful enough to pull this 179 kg (wet) scooter without any fuss.

Adjustable handlebar

The riding position on the Yamaha Xmax is quite comfortable. However, if you want to personalize it a bit more you can do that by adjusting the handlebar. Yes, Yamaha has given adjustable handlebar on the Xmax. You can bring the handlebar 20mm closer to you and attain that perfect riding position.

These were some of the key features of the Xmax. The Yamaha Xmax color options include bronze and matte gray. If we talk about the Xmax variants, there is only a single one available. Overall this scooter is a good package. The Xmax price at present is Php 249,000.

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