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Honda Wave is available in 3 options in Philippines - Wave110 Alpha, Wave110, Wave110R.

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Honda Wave 125 Alpha: Buyer's guide
Honda Wave 125 Alpha: Buyer's guide The extreme affordability of the Honda Wave 125 Alpha needs little introduction. Being quite simply the best undergone motorcycle in... Sep 10, 2018 Abhishek Katariya

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5 Below Php 50k underbones that will not disappoint you
5 Below Php 50k underbones that will not disappoint you 50000 Peso might seem like a lot of money. But in the world of underbone commuter bikes, it brings up... Aug 16, 2018 Abhishek Katariya

User Review

  • J
    Jeremy May 26, 2022 for Honda CB1000R

    I was literally smitten by the model for quite a few notable reasons. Say, the aggressive looks of the model is one such killing factor which can easily please a potential buyer. Neither the bike lags behind in style statement either. Though I could not label this as a super naked bike in any sense. Neither this can be ideally Read More 16

  • D
    Dennis May 26, 2022 for Honda CBR150R

    I had a delightful experience when I first got an opportunity to ride on this bike. My friend happened to opt for this model and how can I resist myself from trying out a hands on ride on this. Must say, this is not meant for those sort of riders who go gaga over fast rides. But someone who looks Read More 66

  • H
    Herren May 26, 2022 for Honda Rebel

    I am the kind of rider who was a learner so far and have developed some confidence to opt for a bike like Honda Rebel. In fact, not only someone like me, even someone who had a gap in riding a bike can also always opt for this option. I fell in love with its natural sitting position from the Read More 125

  • J
    Jehrom May 26, 2022 for Honda DIO

    The popularity of this gearless scooter could effortlessly draw me towards it. Another very happening aspect of this scooty is its vibrant looks. The newest model looks way more evolved and matured and that factor I found pretty intriguing. The Japanese engine of the model is powerful enough and its motor is super refined as well. The bike is well Read More 76

  • A
    Aiden May 26, 2022 for Honda TMX125 Alpha

    While I was transferred to the Philippines six months back, I heard a lot about the very popular bike that is being embraced by the bike enthusiasts of the country. I am referring to the bike that might have later got imitated, but I am sure there is no replica of it- Honda tmx125-alpha. This is an extensively utilitarian motorcycle Read More 165