Big car energy: 2022 Geely Emgrand Premium

Big car energy: 2022 Geely Emgrand Premium

What comes to mind when you think of a typical first car?


  • Does the Geely Emgrand classify as a subcompact sedan?

    Yes it is, in fact, an executive subcompact sedan, says Geely.
  • What is the fuel consumption of the 2022 Geely Emgrand?

    The Geely Emgrand makes 8kpl in the city and 14kpl on the highway.
  • Does it have to be at least five years old and from the used-car market? Is it small and cramped and from the mini-subcompact segment? Can it climb Baguio? For those looking for an upgrade over their motorcycles, using public transportation or simply walking, the pickings are pretty slim given that the financial aspect is usually in play. Wouldn’t it be nice to catch a break, and never have to settle for something less?

    Geely Emgrand Facia

    Enter the Geely Emgrand, the brand’s first "executive subcompact sedan" in the market. At first glance, thinking that this is aimed squarely at the compact sedan squad because of its dimensions, stance and overall look can’t be helped, but at the end of this review, I think this can change everyone’s expectation and transcend the boundaries of both segments.

    Geely Emgrand low wide left


    On the outside, the 2022 Geely Emgrand flaunts the brand’s purchase of shares of a particular Scandinavian brand bearing fruit (Yes, you can mention "Volvo" - Ed.), and how sweet it is! With sharp and sweeping character lines throughout the long, powerful looking hood and front grill leading your line of sight straight at the blacked-out Geely badge. 

    Geely Emgrand Side Profile

    In my reviews, I would rarely discuss a car’s dimensions, but in this case an exception must be made. The 2022 Geely Emgrand is out to disrupt the subcompact sedan class with its big car energy. Measuring 4,368mm long, 1,822mm wide and 1,460mm high — with a healthy 122mm of ground clearance — it is easily the best in its class in terms of size alone, going toe to toe with even some more highly regarded compact cars. With a wheelbase of 2,650mm, the Emgrand also promises more room for people and their cargo. 

    Geely Emgrand side character line

    There are many ways car designers can shift their design philosophy forward. They can go sporty with blacked-out trims, add carbon fiber elements to certain parts here and there and then call it a day. The 2022 Geely Emgrand subscribes to a more luxurious and elegant approach to styling. Maybe I’m growing old, pushing the wrong side of 30, or Geely might have just dug deep in its design labs one night and let the creative juices flow. 

    Geely Emgrand left taillight

    Taken individually, the minute design elements of the 2022 Geely Emgrand seem like a recipe for tackiness. The odd chrome trim on the front lip, the black panel inserts on each side up front and on the rear but together with the twi-tone 17-inch wheels, sharp character line that starts from the beautiful, sweeping LED headlamps with daytime running lights all the way to the elegant, smoked, one-piece taillamp create a sense of cohesiveness to the party. 

    Geely Emgrand headlamps straight far

    Speaking of party, the 2022 Geely Emgrand flexes its LED headlamps and taillamps every time it’s first locked or unlocked. Up front, the headlamps dance as if to greet you from afar and the rear lights initiate a sort of Tron-like procedure that will surely give on-lookers and owners alike something to talk about. 

    Geely Emgrand Rear profile

    Gestalt is a philosophy where the entirety of an object is not equal to the sum of all its parts, and the 2022 Geely Emgrand’s design certainly needs to be taken in whole.

    Geely Emgrand headlamp left close


    As if the 2022 Geely Emgrand needed any more reason and ammo to take on the more established big boys of the segment with its fancy exterior, opening the door reveals surprisingly post-modern interior amenities. From a design, materials, to a fit and finish standpoint, Geely provides a paradigm shift at this price segment.

    Geely Emgrand cockpit close

    The predominantly white seats with navy blue inserts are certainly a breath of fresh air from the usual black or beige appointments on other cars.  The interior is finished in soft, plush leather with the same soft touch materials making an appearance on the door panel inserts, arm rests and the dashboard. 

    Geely Emgrand Front Seats

    Speaking of the dashboard, it’s layered horizontally with the A/C vents properly integrated into the middle slats that run across the midsection. The only cars I’ve seen this design implementation are on exponentially expensive luxury and sports cars. The fact that we are beginning to see this trickling down to affordable cars makes me feel old, but hopefully the rest of the pack follows suit.

    Geely Emgrand From the sunroof

    Space and ergonomics are phenomenal, especially for the front passengers. The 2022 Geely Emgrand’s girth can most especially be felt throughout the cabin as despite the rather modern and substantial center console that houses the shifter and armrest, the real estate afforded to the cockpit occupants is quite expansive. 

    Geely Emgrand Interior Rear

    Rear passengers aren’t left behind with good legroom and headroom as well as rear A/C vents that feature the same horizontal design as the front as well as a USB charging port. The lack of a center armrest for the rear is placated by the inclusion of a 60/40 split feature to extend the cargo space. 

    Geely Emgrand Rear AC Vent

    One of the features that I most especially appreciate is the sunroof. Despite its presence, the 2022 Geely Emgrand still includes a rear LED dome light — but operating it requires a few clicks on the eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system instead of a mechanical switch. That touchscreen system, which lacks the traditional Android Auto or Apple CarPlay smartphone integration system, does have the EasyConnection app where you can easily mirror your actual phone to the screen in a surprisingly easy manner. But remember to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel at all times while driving.

    Geely Emgrand cockpit medium


    It’s easy to adjust to any perfect driving position in the 2022 Geely Emgrand; everything is within reach and easily accessible. The steering wheel is adjustable for both rake and reach plus the six-way power adjustable driver’s seat is easy to modulate and adjust. 

    Geely Emgrand On the road quarter

    The 2022 Geely Emgrand will account for nothing in my book if it simply looked good but fails my performance test. I’m an easy person to please to be honest, as long as the engine doesn’t sound like a wheezing mess and I don’t get outrun by a tricycle on an uphill climb, I consider that a win. Thankfully, none of these happened. 

    Geely Emgrand Engine Bay

    Under the hood, the 2022 Geely Emgrand is motivated by a 1.5-liter inline-four naturally aspirated dual overhead cam engine that makes 102hp 5,600rpm and 142Nm of torque at 4,400rpm. Power is sent to the front wheels via a continuously variable transmission. Power delivery is smooth and the suspension is tuned for comfort rather than aggressive driving. Weighing in at a solid 1,250 kg you won’t win any impromptu stoplight races with the Emgrand. But why do you have to?

    Geely Emgrand Shifter close

    Taking into consideration the car’s subcompact sedan aspirations I never really expected it to pull hard or tackle corners like a high-performance machine. What it can do is comfortably bring you and your passengers around in an increased level of comfort not usually found in the segment. Much of this solid driving experience can be attributed to the BMA or B-segment Modular Architecture platform developed by Geely and Volvo. This is the same architecture found in the Geely Coolray, the brand’s best selling compact crossover SUV. The 2022 Geely Emgrand’s strength certainly shows with long drives in choppy weather or even heavy traffic, I was able to enjoy every moment of the drive in what otherwise would be a tiring, stressful trip.

    Geely Emgrand angle right

    Driving on 17-inch wheels might certainly feel like a spine adjustment session by the end of a three-hour road trip, but thanks to the suspension, consisting of MacPherson struts up front and a torsion rear suspension bar as well as proper tuning and a solid chassis it was as if I was driving on a cloud. After driving a few performance cars in my tenure here, I would still rather be behind the wheels of something like the 2022 Geely Emgrand. 

    Geely Emgrand On the road rear

    With rising fuel prices, what are fans of large, comfortable sedans to do? The 2022 Geely Emgrand might have something to say. Considering that the vehicle loaned out to me was practically brand-new with some heavy breaking-in ahead of it. I was still able to clock in a fairly reasonable 8kpl in and around the metro in heavy traffic. Taking it to its paces in the motorway the Emgrand netted me 14kpl which is not bad at all. 

    Geely Emgrand Steering medium

    Safety features include front, side, and curtain airbags, Anti-lock brakes, traction and stability control, hill-start assist, a pretty high-definition reverse camera with rear parking sensors, cruise control, real-time tire pressure monitoring system, and speed sensing door locks. 

    Geely Emgrand On the road rear electric

    Price and conclusion

    Pricing for the 2022 Geely Emgrand starts P798,000 for the Comfort variant that gets the same features but without the sunroof, digital gauge cluster, leather and suede seats, power folding mirrors and power adjustable seats, side and curtain airbags, the white and blue interior. It also has two less speakers. If buyers want the full-fat version, the Premium variant as tested comes at a fairly reasonable P908,000. 

    Geely Emgrand Front Profile wide far

    The 2022 Geely Emgrand is a great alternative for buyers looking at the Toyota Vios, Honda City, Nissan Almera, Mazda 2, MG5 and the Hyundai Accent, all great subcompact sedans but now have stiff competition from a potential segment buster.

    Geely Emgrand Rear Profile

    A wise man once said that you can’t always get what you want but if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need. It is true that new car buyers are at a loss with the options available to them with their current budgets but what they do need is an alternative that disrupts the market not with staggering performance or mind blowing technology. The 2022 Geely Emgrand in so many ways then one is just exactly what the tired segment needed.

    Geely Emgrand Wide far left

    Photos by Roy Robles

    Roy Robles

    Roy Robles

    Roy Robles is a self-professed car nut who can never stop talking about automobiles. After getting his degree in Economics at the Jose Rizal University in 2014 he worked full time as a banker for different financial institutions but never lost sight of his love for cars. He established his own personal brand focused on motoring called Mototelic, featuring different car clubs, builds and and reviews developing a following in both Facebook and YouTube. His first taste of the mainstream was with Maxspeed Autoportal in 2019 as Content Creator and YouTube Host. He is currently the Managing Editor for

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