5 Car Door Handles we Guarantee you Didn\'t Know Exist

  • May 03, 2016

MANILA: Car door handles are the most overlooked feature to have ever existed in a car. But that doesn't rule out the fact that they are amongst the first car parts that you touch, thus speaking a lot about a car's tech front. A bit ironic isn't it!

If you give it a thought, you'll yourself find how these opening gauges have undergone substantial changes over the period of time. But that's one aspect of car door handles evolution, here we are talking about some great masterpieces ever created by the auto engineers in this front. And as obvious, these masterpieces will be found accompanying some great iconic cars of all time, as you know the best deserves the best of both worlds.

The cars and their respective door handle we are about to mention will prove the age old myth of car door handles being 'bland and dull' completely wrong.

1. Aston Martin V8 Vantage -

When talking about iconic car and their tech-driven door handles, how can one miss Aston Martin V8 Vantage? Its door handles are seamlessly crafted in the body with no visible space to insert your hand and pull the door out. Rather all you require is a slight press on the edge of the handle and before you know it'll swiftly slide out, all ready to take you in. Just for your information, this same mechanism is used in high-end luxury jets, prepping the driver for the exquisite experience he is about to embark.

2. BMW Z1

This one is a bit techier. Unlike the other entries, this one doesn't feature a door handle, all you get is a slight handle impression on the door. To get in, all you need to do is push the key hole that'll lead the window and door to simultaneously drop down. Sounds interesting, right! Don't worry about moving it up back, as a button present inside will move the door back in position.

3. TVR Tuscan


If there was ever a game to 'Find the Hidden Door Handle' then surely TVR Tuscan would be the most difficult car to crack. It doesn't have a door handle (obviously) nor it has a push key hole like BMW Z1. The car is injected with push button hidden under the ORVM, pressing which will solve the purpose.

4. Fiat Barchetta


Time for some Italian artwork and as expected it's delicate, sleek and classic. But that’s all, as the same ranks zero on the tech front. Also, you won't have to struggle much to decode its usage. As a small push-button speaks out for usage. To some this aluminium door handle may be a gentle reminder of old days car door handles.

5. Porsche Boxster Spyder


Why this one? Well, we see many raised eyebrows when we mentioned this one in the list, as this Porsche carries normal 'pull type' door handles. Well, it's not the exterior but the interior ones that caught our attention and helped this sports car to feature in this list. On the inside there are no actual door handles, they are instead replaced by a 'door-release-strap', we must say simple yet innovative.

Amazing, isn't it. Proving once again that auto world is flooded with great masterpieces that not only surprise onlookers but inspire great minds to come up with more such out-of-the-box ideas.


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