Top 5 Value For Money Hatchbacks In The Philippines

  • Oct 07, 2016

MANILA: Anyone who is looking to buy a new car wants to have maximum features for the money one is willing to pay. Expecting comfort, efficiency, safety, significant performance and handling are the basic requirements that every consumer demand in the list of available options in the market. When there are multiple options in the market and all are competent in one or the other aspect, picking the right car becomes a difficult task. So here we are listing some of the best value for money hatchbacks available in the Philippines, which you might want to consider if you are looking to buy something from an entry or mid-level hatchback segment.

Toyota Wigo (P 473,000 - P623,000)


Toyota Wigo

No wonder why we have listed this hatchback at the first position in our list, the sales figure of Toyota Wigo is a clear indication of it. Styling is not eye-catchy yet decent enough to not look ugly on road. The interiors are spacious enough to accommodate 5 people with ease and finished in two-tone theme. The 1.0-litre in-line 3-cylinder engine delivers 65 PS maximum power and peak torque of 85 Nm and mated to either a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic gearbox. Manoeuvring in the heavy traffic will not be a burden with the electronic 3-spoke steering wheel and you get a superb handling. With a number of storage compartments and an option of rear seats down arrangement, the boot space is also enough to carry your luggage on long routes with just two in the car. Some highlighting safety features include dual front airbags and Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS).

BYD FO (P548,000 - P 628,000)



Many might get surprised to see this name at the second spot in the list but, this Chinese hatchback has been recently updated with a 2017 model and looks promising. For the ones who are looking for a blend of simple and sporty styling BYD F0 is a great option. Despite its compact dimensions, the hatchback is loaded with features, smart keyless entry, and push-button engine start/stop system are some to highlight in the segment. The 1.0-litre BYD371QA all-aluminium engine delivers 67 PS maximum power and 90 Nm torque and mated with either a 5-speed automatic or manual transmission. The multi-point sequential fuel injection contributes in improving the efficiency while the compact dimensions and hydraulic steering wheel give you the flexibility to cut pass the city roads with ease. If airbags and ABS are not the factors that bother you much then BYD FO is a good pick in the segment.

Mitsubishi Mirage (P553,000 - P713,000)


Mitsubishi Mirage

The updated Mirage from the Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi is the car, which can be termed as a complete package, as it is not only stylish but also holds a series of features that can make it class leading in near future. It is the first time in the country that a car is offering dual airbags, modern 1.2-litre engine, and a CVT gearbox to match higher fuel efficiency standards. The real-time road experience of Mirage is still yet to come but, we expect that the car will be revolutionary.

Kia Picanto (P575,000 - P 650,000)


Kia Picanto

Kia Picanto can be termed as a ‘Dark Horse’ for the South Korean automaker. The bold exterior is perfectly accentuated by the signature tiger grille and the competitive pricing acts as a catalyst for attracting customer’s attention. A well-integrated interior with enough cabin space goes well for a family of 4 or 5 and your extra luggage can be taken care of with rear seats down. Powering Picanto is a 1.0-litre Kappa 3-cylinder gasoline engine, delivering a maximum power of 70 PS and peak torque of 94 Nm. Another option of 1.2-litre is also there with 90.2 PS power and 119.6 Nm peak torque. We cannot state that Picanto is the safest in the lot but, airbags, crash sensors, and ajar warning features surely give an optimal rating to this hatch in safety.

Suzuki Swift (P 638,000 - P799,000)


Suzuki Swift

If you are looking for something sporty, then one of the best selling from Suzuki is still the only option in the country. The premium interior, features matching the other competitors in its segment and sporty styling makes Swift a prominent car. What is liked most about this hatchback are its potent engine options. The 1.2-litre petrol engine delivers 88 PS maximum power and 114 Nm peak torque while the 1.4-litre unit pushes these figures to 96 PS and 130 Nm. Airbags, ABS and other standard safety features of the hatchback ensure the optimal safety while the time to time special edition keeps the interest of sporty car lovers intact. For now, a new Si variant is the much talked about variant of Swift available in the country.

So, the above-mentioned cars are some of the most valued for money options in the country, which are competing hard in the market to attract the customers. It might be possible that your favourite is not on the list but, surely you can mention that in the comment section with what you love most about that particular car. Clearly, each car is designed and evolved by keeping in mind a particular requirement of the customers but, catering to other aspects as well in a significant manner. After considering all the aspects of a car the decision will be taken on the basis of the factor which you give the highest priority. Whether it is styling, comfort, performance, efficiency or handling, none of the above-mentioned cars will disappoint you.


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