Volkswagen Prides Itself In Being The “World\'s Biggest Car Delivery Center”

  • Dec 14, 2015

We all have seen people buying cars and the generic manner in which the car is handed over isn't it?? However, what if we tell you that it is not the only way to own a car! Yes, today we plan to reveal the most exemplary way of car delivery mechanism focusing Volkswagen Germany. Indeed, as we all know Volkswagen has laid its strong footprints in the market as well in the hearts of the end consumers. This article is all about World's Biggest Car Delivery Centre located at the VW Theme Park situated adjacent to the Volkswagen Germany Headquarters.

Volkswagen Germany Pic

The outstanding feature of this Volkswagen Delivery Tower is a vertical building with the space of sustaining 20 levels bifurcated in the form of floors. Everyone including the shopping fanatics would relate to how a shopping mall building seems so alluring in its appearance, as this structure offers the chance to view the Volkswagen Models stationed at the various levels with the help of a conveyor belt. The visitor gets a delightful feel after procuring their new car that is granted the license, official documents related to the vehicle. This tower accommodates 400 vehicles that are positioned in each level that are divided into various sections at each level as per the type and specifications of the model with the aim to deliver more than 600 cars each day.


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This tower is built with the glass walls that makes its appearance quite visible from miles away, which looks very captivating in the midst of the striking beauty of Germany (located very near to the Volkswagen Manufacturing Plant). This Volkswagen Delivery Tower at this point of time has gained a lot of popularity and has become a tourist attraction where the visitors feel compelled to have a look and experience the car been delivered after traveling in the rotating glass seating system. The experience in totality seems like a joy ride in an adventure park, in which people can rejoice their buying participation in an artistic manner that is backed by an automated system. Don't feel disheartened if your list doesn't count on purchasing a Volkswagen Car and you desire to have a trip in this tower, as you still have the good fortune to reach out as a tourist and witness the functioning of the integrated system. It's very impressive to mention that it's the Biggest Delivery Centre with an additional prestige of being known as the 2nd most famous tourist location in Germany.

Volkswagen Delivery Tower Image

After expressing the irresistible trip of this car delivery process has made us speechless then just visualize how one would feel if this descriptive of the tour turns actual. We believe that indeed that whether you make a trip to this place all by yourself or with the company of your family, under all circumstances it will make you rejoice the spectacular beauty of Germany additionally with enrichment in your knowledge specifically in terms of car technology that is laudable in itself and worth spreading the word.


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