Gift your car these maintenance procedures this Christmas

Gift your car these maintenance procedures this Christmas

You may have been good to other people this year, but have you accorded your car the same kindness?


  • What can maintenance procedures can owners give to their car this holiday season?

    Thanks to the free time brought by the holidays, owners can have their cars detailed or serviced.
  • Especially this holiday season, your vehicle may be spending more time on the road — ferrying you to gift-shopping, Christmas parties, or your hometown where you’ll spend the holidays — than in the garage, receiving much-needed maintenance after 11 months of being driven daily or on the regular.

    So, some TLC is the perfect gift you can give to your steed today, so that when the holiday rush has subsided and we return to the usual, daily grind once again, your transport becomes more than ready for it. We list some car maintenance procedures you can give your car this Christmas.


    Between washing and waxing, external detailing is the process of restoring the appearance of your car's finish. It can also refer to getting your paint ready (by using techniques like tar/grime removal) before applying a thorough waxing or sealant following a wash. You have the option of detailing your own car or having it done at the car wash.

    Geely Emgrand side character line

    To restore the wow of a recently waxed car, this method calls for a good detailer spray (some come blended with wax), premium microfiber towels, and the appropriate strokes. For the greatest outcomes and water resistance, add a decent spray wax to the mixture.

    Wiper blade replacement

    Although the windshield wiper blades are one of the tiniest elements installed in your car, they have a very important function.

    To ensure unobstructed visibility, these rubber blades swipe away dirt or rainwater that land on your car's windscreen. With a clean windscreen, you can better spot whatever lies on the road ahead and have better visibility especially during nighttime.

    Valeo wipers

    Regardless of whether the blades have obvious damage or your car is mostly inside a garage, though, it's best to replace your car’s wiper blades yearly or when there's a noticeable difference in their performance.

    More signs of aging wiper blades include smears, skips, or streaks they apply to the windshield at every swipe. Unusual noise created by the wipers also indicate a need for replacement.

    Interior cleaning

    Since you’re already cleaning your car’s exterior…

    Before you (or the detailers) start cleaning the interior of your automobile, remove the floor mats. Clear the garbage off the floor mats with the garden hose. To remove tenacious dirt particles from the mat, use a firm brush. Use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning if the mats are made of upholstery. Rubber mats can be washed with soap and water, then dried off after being rinsed.

    Prestone Disinfecting Car WipesTo restore the cabin's luster, use an automobile product. Wipe the dashboard, the instrument cluster area and other interior areas like the pillars with the automotive product. Apply a tiny amount of the solution with a sprayer, then wipe the surface with a cloth. The windshield and windows can be cleaned with a glass cleaner.

    Always keep in mind that a nice-looking car with a comfortable interior raises our spirits.

    Preventive maintenance service

    The holidays (or what's left of your remaining vacation leaves) give you enough time to have your car undergo preventive maintenance service (PMS). This usually consists of an oil change, spark plug change, and replacement of various filters.

    While you're at it, replace the car's parts such as the radiator, tires, and brakes, before they expire due to age and mileage

    Not only does timely maintenance keep your car healthy, it also ensures your personal safety. Your car will be less likely to leave you stranded and put you in danger while in motion. Your car's important components — like the engine and transmission — are less likely to break, too, saving you from big repair bills in the process.

    Ford Territory Engine Bay

    When you bless your car with these maintenance procedures, it might just return the favor by being a comfortable and reliable ride for all seasons.

    Photos from Ford Philippines, Prestone Philippines, Valeo, and Roy Robles

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