Various Car Buzzing Sounds, One Should Be Aware Of

  • Mar 21, 2016

MANILA: Not all noises are pleasant, and not certainly a sign of music playing in your car! You must be wondering, that what do we mean by all this?? Isn't it! Ok, imagine a day where you get to hear some unusual sound from your car, that too out of the blue? You definitely have no logical grounds to guess about the logical reason about its existence at the first place. Doubtlessly, possessing an automobile means: commuting to various places, having a pleasant driving experience to long journeys, and owning a responsibility to take great care of it at the same time. However, with the tight schedule, we often just stick to the driving experience and tend to become unaware about the issues our car might come up with or is already suffering from. It is a fact that we all won't deny that the technology is picking up the pace at a frequent pattern, and it’s very similar to the medical industry where the doctors study on a regular basis  to get knowledge about various new and existing diseases/ailments. We, as a layman, resort to reach out the authorized service stations or seek help of the expensive serviceman or local shops for the issues pertaining to the vehicle. On the contrary what about a situation, when we cannot employ an outside person to help us! Sounds bizarre isn't it?? Well we agree it does, nonetheless this instance could be experienced when one is travelling to a new city or a new place where there is no alternative to choose from.

Halt! Our motive is not to cause you goosebumps or make you feel guilty, when the discussion is pertaining to your very own dearly vehicle. Rather, it's just a gentle reminder to turn bit more knowledgeable, if not an auto doctor/freak. This write up will give you a guiding light, to overcome those dark shadows of unawareness.

Let's take a quick and precise look over those Noises/Sounds

Beware the terminology that we are going to use might sound extremely techy, however we will endeavour to explain and elaborate each of them in the most crisp and understandable manner.

Braking System Creating Clunking/Thumping Sound

While running on a smooth journey, what if you suddenly apply the brakes and guess what you get to hear a clunking or thumping sound?

Well, don't need to worry as the root cause of this issue pertaining to the following regions/reasons:

  • When the steering system's components worn out

  • When the disk brake caliper is not implanted in an appropriate manner

  • The brake hardware has suffered some sort of damage or is absent from its place

Hissing Sound

This word surely sounds scary and a cause to worry about! All we could associate it with is the presence of a snake or some unusual animal dominated the area we might be travelling to.

However, it's nowhere close to our perception, as this sound takes a room in your car owing to the following grounds:

  • It's a clear warning about the leakage that is originated from either the car cooling system or the vacuum line. In case, the sound relates to the cooling system leakage, it is due to the fact that it has been ailing from overheating. On the other hand, if it is caused by the leakage in the vacuum line then it is because of the fuel economy and drivability difficulty.

Howling Sound

When was the last time we could get to hear such category sound? Probably when it turned dark pitch and the clan of dogs gathered to run us bugged up with this kind of noise. Well, we had no control in such kind of circumstance, however if this comes up from our very own car, then all you need to do is to be well informed. The created sound holds its presence due to the following points:

  • An issue with the “Differential” caused from a specific component. In this situation the car can further be towed to a service area. This causes due to various driving patterns and the practice of acceleration, deceleration, steady state motoring, pinion preload, worn out gears, and lastly the bad bearings.

Flapping Sound

The Flapping sound is created due to the hindrance caused in the fan or the fanbelt been fallen apart.

Loud Bang Sound

This sound takes us to the idea of our car being banged by an exterior object or vehicle encountered in our driving passage, isn't it? Nevertheless, it has nothing to do with an accident, as it is caused due to the air fuel mixture not in the right proportion. Also, indicates the improper functioning of the catalyst converter.

Knocking/Clattering Sound

This sound suggests that it needs an immediate attention, since any further delay after the occurrence could make the problem uncontrollable and worse.

Problem source

  • Inability of the Lifter to pump up

  • Valve clearance needs an adjustment

Chirpy/Squealing Sound (Acceleration Related)

Chirping sound of birds sounds so pleasing and sweet, but when this sound whispers in the car, it’s not a good sign at all.

The probable reasons could be

  • A single belt or multiple belts tend to be loose or slipping

  • The driver pulley for an accessory might have lost its correct alignment

Grinding Noise during the application of brakes

This noise can be owed to the fact that the bare metal rubbing against the bare metal. The consistent application of brakes causes damage to the rotors.

We are holding hopes that this article that specifies about eight alarming sounds, will help you in understanding the root cause of any problem that might crop up in the near future. If not been able to solve them, understanding how to get it resolved in a correct manner is always a good thing.


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