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User Review Comparison

Hyundai Eon (2012-2016)
  • A
    Aren Sep 11, 2019 for Hyundai Eon (2012-2016)

    It was getting tiresome driving our SUV around the city and we decided to get a new small city car. We felt the Eon was the best of the bunch. Read More

  • R
    Reynaldo Oct 03, 2018 for Hyundai Eon (2012-2016)

    I wanted to purchase a sub-compact car because my wife was insisting me for quite a long time to get a car. We are a family for four and I Read More

  • F
    Finn Aug 27, 2018 for Hyundai Eon (2012-2016)

    I was looking for a car for a while and finally I bought the new Hyundai Eon which is very affordable and also the engine is great. This car is Read More

  • A
    Aeon Jul 17, 2018 for Hyundai Eon (2012-2016)

    To me, looks do matter and this was my attitude while selecting my ride as well. I decided to bring in my garage a Hyundai Eon as i had my Read More

  • E
    Erica Mar 27, 2018 for Hyundai Eon (2012-2016)

    Hyundai has always been my favorite automaker and it was my dream to buy a Hyundai vehicle for myself. After going through a number of articles and reviews, I finally Read More

Toyota Wigo
  • D
    Dakila Jun 09, 2020 for Toyota Wigo

    I had been looking for a small and compact car for myself and after an extensive search, I settled for the Toyota Wigo. The prime reason why I chose the Read More

  • G
    Gerald Apr 27, 2020 for Toyota Wigo

    As I am a new driver, I was in search of a car that was compact and can be easily manoeuvred in tight spots so that I don’t damage the Read More

  • r
    Remoir Feb 08, 2020 for Toyota Wigo

    We had been looking for a car for my wife for some time now and she finally agreed on the Wigo. It is perfectly suited for her needs and easy Read More

  • B
    Buwan Dec 27, 2019 for Toyota Wigo

    I wanted a car for the city driving that can be easily parked in tight spots and also return a good fuel economy. Toyota Wigo was the one that I Read More

  • H
    Homobono Dec 16, 2019 for Toyota Wigo

    If you are looking for a car that can be great to drive through traffic zones go for Toyota Wigo. The brake of this car is pretty good in terms Read More

From The Experts

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  • Cons
Hyundai Eon (2012-2016)

Easy to drive

Decent performance

Curvy looks

Toyota Wigo

The first thing that makes the Wigo a hit is its compact structure. While it is agile and easy to manoeuvre around the city, it makes parking in crunch places cakewalk for the driver whether experienced or amateur. As a driver, you don’t have to possess expert car parking skills because you’d be able to park it just right every single time.

A potent drivetrain under the hood that performs quite well. Aside from these, there are plenty of interior features and amenities that will impress you. This includes touchscreen infotainment system, multi-function steering wheel, ABS, dual-airbags and an array of storage spaces for stress-free travelling.

With satisfactory outside looks, the automaker has taken the style game to an altogether another level with the TRD variant. This variant comes with a TRD body kit that comprises of a front lip spoiler, TRD decals, side skirts, rear bumper extension with a diffuser and a rear chrome badge.

Hyundai Eon (2012-2016)

Rear seat space

Slightly dated now

Lack of safety and comfort features

Toyota Wigo

Being a cheap contender in the segment, the Wigo comes with less durable materials inside the cabin. The cabin lacks premium touch you’d expect from Toyota. Interestingly, there are no air bands for the windscreen and foot.

Fuel economy is below par considering the market standards. Expect it to yield around 9 -11kmpl in the city.

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