Yamaha NMax: When you want to stand out

Yamaha NMax: When you want to stand out

Intelligent urban commuter. This is the promise of the Yamaha NMax. Sure. But for everyone buying it, the appeal has more to do with the way it looks. The roads of the Philippines, like any other Asian country, are full of scooters, motorcycles, and underbones. And in this stagnant sea, the Yamaha NMax brings a breath of fresh air.

Yamaha NMax Side

The maxi Scooter is not a new concept. The concept of adding a big engine to a scooter like body with grand tourer ambitions was received very well by European riders. With larger frames, comfier seats, automatic transmissions and storage space, they served the urban commuter just as well. Yamaha was soon to get on the bandwagon. The Yamaha TMAX (the second Yamaha maxi Scooter ever) was launched in 2000 and back then was the first to install it with a 500cc engine.

NMax Front Lights

The design inspiration from the TMAX is clearly seen in the TMAX. The front-heavy stance that is the definition of the maxi scooter is the most prominent feature of its design. The large front end provides good wind protection and is also meant to hold a large windshield. There is no sense of Yamaha’s usual sporty showboating. The design is sophisticated without any unnecessary details. Other than the twin pod headlight (which is actually a triple lamp LED headlight) and LED taillight, there isn’t much else. It is also compact at 1955 mm (L) X 740 mm (W) X 1115 mm (H). The wheelbase of 1350 mm makes it easy to handle in city traffic. The ground clearance is also decently practical at 135 mm. The seat height is a low 765 mm and with the slightly raised handlebars remains comfortable and ergonomic. It also has an upright seating position which works better for long rides.

Yamaha NMax Rear Features

The ergonomics bring us to another aspect of the NMax. To be an intelligent commuter, the NMax has to be comfortable without compromising too much on agility. And it does just that when kept on smooth urban roads. There is conventional telescopic suspension in the front and preload adjustable twin shocks in the rear. Together with 13” wheels wearing thick 110/70 48P and 130/70 63P tires in the front and back respectively, they make for a good handling package that lets you use that engine to its full potential. But still, this is most well suited for the city roads. Bad roads will make the suspension feel a bit too firm. Thankfully the seats and the seating position is really comfortable.

NMax Practicality

Moving to practicality, Yamaha has left no stone unturned. This has to be one of the most well-equipped scooters on the market. This has a modern 6.6-litre fuel tank that does not require you to get off and open the seat. The fuel tank is under the floorboard and can be accessed from the spine. The instrumentation is completely digital and extremely comprehensive with black text on the white screen. The under seat storage area is immense and can be used to store a full face helmet. It too can be accessed with a button near the ignition. The engine shuts down when the side stand is deployed.

The engine is great too. The 155 cc single cylinder has 4 valves and is liquid cooled. Producing 11.1 kW and 14.4 Nm of torque might not seem too remarkable. But it has variable valve actuation that changes the power delivery according to the speed. This allows it to accelerate fast, reach up to 124 kmph and also achieve 35 kmpl in city and 45 kmpl on highway driving conditions. This gives it a 200-300 km range.

Brakes are more adequate than most motorcycles too. There are disc brakes both front and back- but only on the one with the ABS-equipped, which costs Php 10000 more than the standard with only a single disc brake. But at Php 119000, it really seems totally worth the price. It is not much different from the competition either.

In the Philippines, Yamaha introduced the NMax in an attempt to chase the popularity of the Honda PCX. And just like the PCX, the NMax has sold in high numbers. The maxi scooter format may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But it tends to grow on people. And as you have read, there are many reasons why it makes you stand out from the crowd.

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