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All-new Honda sport bike to launch Sept. in Japan

All-new Honda sport bike to launch Sept. in Japan

MANILA: Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced last August 21 that its all-new CBR600RR Super Sports Bike will be on sale starting  September 25 through the Honda Dream sites across Japan.

The CBR600RR was established as a right-sized Super Sports model, which paved the way for riders to experience the improved potential of a base production race model in their regular routines.

Honda's development team worked on this all-new model to continue pursuing the experience of pleasurable maneuvering. This is through the improvement of the unique characteristics of previous CBR600RR models.

It also involves manageable and high-power output features complemented with agile handling, while simultaneously attaining success in rider-friendliness and performance on public roads.

The all-new CBR600RR includes exterior styling which recognizes functional aesthetics and outstanding aerodynamic performance in searching for supreme on-track dynamic performance.

The lowest drag coefficient in the class as well as the maximization of projected lateral and front areas aids in the realization of agile handling and enhancement of wind-resistant performance.

Furthermore, winglets that efficiently produce downforce are placed on the right and left sides of the leading edge of the front cowl to improve stability while moving within corners or turning while speeding up.

The all-new CBR600RR comes in Grand Prix Red, a tri-color scheme that signifies Honda racing innovations.

The newly-developed Honda CBR600RR is fitted with a high-performance, 599-cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke DOHC inline four-cylinder engine. 

The power unit of the all-new Honda CBR600RR attains a maximum power output of 119hp. To help achieve this, the engine speed at which optimum power is achieved was heightened through changing materials that are used for major components like the crankshaft and camshaft.

The exhaust and intake efficiency were also improved through different measures that include modifications in valve timing, maximization of the size of different components of the exhaust pipes, an extension of the throttle bore diameter, and reshaping of the inlet port.

The effectiveness in the cooling combustion chamber as well as the area around the exhaust valve seat was enhanced through water jacket reshaping for the cylinder head.

To promote a fun riding experience, the all-new CBR600RR includes the newest electronic control technologies. It was made easier through throttle-by-wire system (TBW) wherein the throttle valve is regulated with superb precision according to the throttle grip operations of the rider.

The accelerator position sensor (APS) perceives the angle of the throttle grip opening of the rider and sends a signal to the ECU. The ECU then transmits the drive signal to the TBW motor for the control of the throttle valve.

It is also fitted with an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)-based vehicle attitude estimation system.

Through the combination of vehicle attitude data with Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) and the ABS, the all-new CBR600RR offers the “pleasure of maneuvering,” which is dependent on riding conditions.

The all-new Honda CBR600RR features the riding mode system that has different riding settings, which put together various control levels of the selectable engine brake, wheelie mitigation control, HSTC, and power selector. Through these, riders can choose a riding feel according to the riding circumstances and their preferences.

This Super Sports Bike is equipped with full LED lighting, which attains energy-saving, lightweight, and compact-sized lighting.

It is also fitted with a full-color thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid-crystal display for the meter to offer the rider with convenient status of different electronic control systems and sufficient vehicle information.

The all-new CBR600RR includes advanced accessories and functions like the quick shifter for rapid downshifting and upshifting and the emergency stop signal system, which reacts to abrupt braking and rapidly notifies if other vehicles are around through flashing hazard lamps.

The bike also features an assist and slipper clutch, wherein an assist function exists to allow the clutch lever to be lighter for the purpose of pulling as well as a slipper function that lessens rear-wheel hop due to sudden engine braking while downshifting.

Photo from Honda

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