5 Reasons why Caltex Rewards is the perfect road trip companion

5 Reasons why Caltex Rewards is the perfect road trip companion

Caltex has always been about powering the great Filipino Road Trip. As many Filipinos rack up the miles in today’s post-pandemic “revenge-traveling” era after being cooped indoors for more than 2 years, Caltex is right there to make sure its loyal customers make the most of every trip to the beach, camping on the mountains or simply catching a late night film. 

Introducing the Caltex Rewards. A special loyalty rewards program that turns every road trip and journey into a rewarding opportunity to earn points, get exclusive vouchers, and more! Here are 5 reasons the Caltex Rewards is the perfect road trip companion. 

Earn points every time you gas up at participating Caltex Stations 

Caltex Forecourt

 As the old saying goes: It’s about the journey and not the destination. For road trips with family or friends, one of the most important things to remember is where to gas up on the way to your destination. Drivers wouldn’t want it to rain on all the fun times just because there’s no gas left in the tank. Luckily, Caltex has your back, and then some! 

Every time Caltex Rewards members gas up at any participating gas station, they earn points credited to their accounts. Every road trip is an opportunity for even more rewards. 

Save from spending your hard-earned money and use the points for fuel instead! 

Points aren’t the only thing earned every time you gas up at participating Caltex stations. You can use the points earned to pay for your next purchase! The savings earned from using the points go straight to your pocket, using the points has never been simpler. 100 Points get you P1.00 worth of fuel which you can use on your next purchase. This means that if you have 20,000 points in your rewards account you can use them to purchase P200 worth of fuel. The more fuel you purchase the bigger the savings and even more points are earned the next time you fill up. 

Fuel Gauge

Snack up on the next road trip by using Caltex Rewards points 

Road trips are never complete without something to munch on while on the road. Whether it be chips, sweets, or a full-on meal while on the road, making sure your glove compartment or your trunk is stocked up with snacks is integral to a fun time on the road. With the Caltex Rewards points earned, members can redeem various treats and snacks from participating partner restaurants and establishments. There’s nothing like mamon and ice cream to cure away those “hangry” blues and Caltex has you covered for the trip with the points you earn just by using Caltex Rewards. 

Roadtrip person camera

Celebrate your Birthday with 5X the rewards points with Caltex Rewards 

While earning points every time you fill up at any participating Caltex station is fulfilling enough, Caltex even celebrates your birthday month with up to 5X the points! While birthdays are celebrated on the day itself, Caltex gives you an entire month of celebration! With the 5X point multiplier, you can travel on your birth month and earn five times as many points giving you even more opportunities to redeem all the rewards just for using the Caltex Rewards programs! 

Birthday Party

Earning and redeeming points is easy and you get 5,000 just for signing up! 

No road trip ever kicks off without a boost, and with the Caltex Rewards program, you get 5,000 points right away just for signing up! In order to claim the 5,000 free points, all you have to do is download the CaltexGO app from the Google Play Store or Apple App store, fill up some details and you will instantly find your free 5,000 points to get your journey on the road! 

Caltex Rewards Promo pic2

The Caltex Rewards program is just another way for Caltex to fuel the great Filipino Road Trip. In order to find out more about the program, head on to https://www.caltex.com/ph/caltex-rewards.html and visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CaltexPhilippines. 

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