CarDroid: A Car Tracking Device Ensuring Safety

  • Dec 17, 2015

MANILA: Technology is upgrading at a very fast pace, and we all are drifted from the stream of one to one communication to the channels of connecting with the world of social media through smartphones. It seems very natural for us to be equipped with a daily track of our phone calls, messages, routes that we take to travel, social connections, sharing videos/music, interest oriented apps, office/work related apps, etc. Actually speaking we cannot imagine a day spent without it since it has become more of a necessity than a style statement isn't it? The smart technology of Android has bound its end users to be equipped with the features of tracking the phone in terms of its location, anti-theft apps, email login details, etc. However, have you ever thought the same for tracking your own car as you trace your phone functionalities in just a click away apps that you download as per requirement? Who would even think of it at the first place, and why must be a striking question for you! Yes, we know that, but we will be introducing you to CarDroid that is an interesting feature for your car that will make you experience a lot of utilities in the most convenient manner also with indispensable features to offer.

With still that perplexed state of mind, you must be curious as what exactly this device is going to surprise you with! Well, before divulging the detailed description about this, we would like to put across a question that what safety measures do you adopt to keep your car safe at all times? We are sure those safety devices/measures might be including the central locking system, wireless car remote, and other trending Anti-Theft devices available in the market. But Halt! This device is very unique in its nature and has distinctive features to offer for the end consumers by and large very helpful in tracking your car through GPS/ Wireless Technology.

Features of CarDroid that is a Car Tracking Device for Car Security System:-

1) Promptly informs about Accident Occurrence:

CarDroid Car Crash Image

The car tracker device “CarDroid” is attached to the interior portion of the car, which is connected to a phone operated by the company. The motion sensors detect the location of the car that enables to track down the occurrence of an accident that is promptly sent as a notification to the cellphone (registered with this device). So, whenever an accident is detected, after the prompt of notification on the phone, one can actually fetch the relevant location information of the place along with motions to state the exact accident location. A prompt call is been sent to the ambulance for rescuing the victim present on the accident location.

2) GPS Positioning (GPS Car Tracker):

Car Wirless Positioning Pic

This GPS Tracking Device supports GPS Positioning, which is a smart Car Tracking System under which it works accurately in terms of locating the exact movements of the car specified in form of Speed, Tachometer & Temp.

3) Wireless Positioning when the GPS loses its signals:

 The CarDroid car tracker automatically connects to the Wireless Car Tracker in form of Wireless Positioning as in when the GPS loses its signals, also enabling the motion sensors at all times.

CarDroid Features Image

Indeed there would be a versatile bracket of Tracking Device for Cars but this is one of the most efficient accurate, as it works on the principal of car GPS tracking device that makes the user informed about their movements with respect to the critical information about theft or an accident along with the exact location. Hope this article helps you in the near future in case you didn't have any knowledge pertaining to such topic under discussion.


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