Five Top Car manufacturers in Philippines 2015

  • Dec 21, 2015

MANILA: The automotive market in Philippines is booming year-by-year. The automobile industry of Philippines breached the sales mark of 60,000 units this year. In the first half of the year, the following five automakers emerged as top players in grabbing good market share and revealing outstanding sales report: Toyota- 57,717 units; Mitsubishi Motors- 25,198 units; Ford- 10,427 units; Isuzu- 10,169 units; Honda- 8,735 units. Let's take a close look to the best-selling cars made by the automakers which remained in high demand throughout the year.

1. Toyota


Toyota remains dominating the Philippines automotive industry from years. It is one of the most trusted Japanese brand in the country. This year, Toyota took away a market share of 43.9 percent. Toyota sold around 23,804 passenger cars in the first half of 2015. The Vios turned out to be best-selling with 14,878 units, while the Wigo scored the second position by selling 5,484 units, and Corolla Altis registered sale of 2,236 units. In the LCV segment, Fortuner emerged as top player by registering sale of 8,744 units, while Innova managed to get 8,028 units and Hiace showed good response with 7,706 units. Out of these vehicles, the Vios and Innova is manufactured by Toyota locally.

2. Mitsubishi


Mitsubishi Motors Philippines registered a total sales report of 25,198 vehicles in the first half of 2015. It gained about 19.2 percent of market share this year. MMPC was able to sell around 8,002 units of G4 sedan, Mirage hatchback and Lancer EX. However, it sold only 495 units of Lancer EX while the G4 Sedan booked 4,673 units.

3. Ford


Ford Philippines has performed seamlessly this year. The November sales report revealed that the graphs went up by 55% and over 2,975 units of vehicles were sold. The all-new Everest registered sales growth with 1,151 units, while the EcoSport sales reached 7,902 units. This shows an increase of 69% in sales than the last year. As the automaker decided not to manufacture in the Philippines and stress on marketing strategy helped them hit the sales nationwide. The American automaker started selling more number of vehicles now, ending up with 10,427 units in the first half of 2015 and grabbed a market share of 7.9 percent.

4. Isuzu


Isuzu is a big player in the manufacturing the premium D-Max pickup truck.  This year, Isuzu Philippines offered two more vehicles, namely, the Crosswind and the midsize Alterra SUV that have been built on the D-Max platform. The mu-X helped Isuzu to grab 7.7 percent market share in the first half of 2015. IPC also scored 10,169 sales in the first quarter in which the mu-X registered sale of 4,819 units.

5. Honda


Honda Cars Philippines Incorporation sold 1,700 vehicles for the month of August. To date, a total of 12,167 vehicles have been sold in 2015. This shows 48% increase in sales in comparison to last year’s stats. Honda City contributed 44% sales in august, whereas Mobilio registered 22 % sales report till August 2015.


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