Reasons for Panicking of Expert Auto Makers - Apple Google Shootout

  • Sep 21, 2015

MANILA: The buzz that the technology companies, Apple and Google are entering into car business has changed the conversation this week at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Neither Apple nor Google is close to mass producing a vehicle, still the nervousness about the intentions of supplementing 'connectivity' with 'horsepower' and 'torque' is sensed amongst the automakers and the reasons for the same are

1) Google which began working on self-driving cars in 2009 is valued by stock market at more than five times the worth of either of these car makers. Apple is worth eight times as much. Now, this gives an advantage in the business which requires huge capital for research and development.

2) The risk is not that these Apple and Google car will replace the existing automakers, but the risk is bigger i.e. the existing carmakers will only be left as hardware makers because the entire technology part of car will be looked by both these electronic brands only.

3) The car makers are already in pressure to change the way they build cars as the government consider them a culprit in global warming. The upcoming Apple and Google cars have already taken care of it by planning an electric car only.

"What has been an evolution is going to be a revolution," said Stephan Winkelmann, the chief executive of Lamborghini, the Italian maker of super sports cars that is part of the Volkswagen group. "Starting from sustainability, going over to digitalization, and ending up at autonomous driving — these three big things are really something that is a game changer for the automotive industry, Everybody has to tackle these challenges.”

4) With no major chances of up-gradation in exterior, the software are gearing the pace in the form of new safety systems or driving techniques and who can play better with technology than Apple and Google. In this case the maintenance of the car can be made easier than before as the faults and other backup programs can be made available via Over the Air (OTA).

5) Apple and Google has already given a jolt to automobile industry by fixing the German suppliers and setting the production facility and employees therein. Now, what is to be seen is that how fast they respond with their expertise of manufacturing all safe and comfortable cars. Seems by the end of this decade we will have cars transformed into smart phones on wheels which would  mark REVOLUTION!


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