Crazy Concepts which Might Show-Up @ MIAS 2016

  • Apr 04, 2016

MANILA: With 2 more days in hand for the 24th edition of the Manila International Auto Show, the heat is building up for the renowned brands which have something new in their latest fleet to present in front of the visitors. Apart from the drives which are arriving in production models, visitors look for something more … something out of the box which can awestruck them with the creativity and imagination of the manufacturer. In past couple of months, various auto brands have buzzed the market with their insane creativity which would be in talks for years maybe. Well, where some of them are absolutely practical and awaited for the production model, some are just imaginative and look like just out of a sci-fi movie.

Here we are with a list of those concepts which might make their presence at the MIAS 2016 whoosh around more than the latest production models -

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept

Vision Next 100 Concept side profile

Well, we are deliberately starting the list with this car and the reason is crystal clear. Have a look at this copper-toned stunner, doesn't it looks like something coming out of a James Bond movie, déja vu. The model was showcased in March 2016 to mark the 100th anniversary of the German luxury automaker BMW which clearly passed on the message that there is no end of creativity and with a futuristic technology and approach, it leads its contemporaries. With 3D printing all over the structure, moving diamond-shaped cutouts which show-off the movements and autonomous driving technology, this is the vehicle we want on the road. But sadly, the BMW Vision Next 100 Concept will never make it to production or a practical run.

Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze Concept

T-Cross Breeze Concept

After a bump in its glorious history of almost 8 decades due to Clean Diesel Scandal, Volkswagen bounced back with a new concept Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze Concept in front of the visitors at Geneva Motor Show 2016 held in March 2016. This topless crossover concept is a house of advanced technology with attractive styling at exterior and interior. At the first glance, it gives a hint of VW Polo with MQB platform. The concept is powered by a 1.0-litre turbo engine delivering 110 PS of power and 175 Nm of torque. Keeping the expectations high with Volkswagen, we believe that it would come up with the new Concept at the MIAS 2016 and production model soon.

Toyota FCV Plus Concept

FCV Plus Concept

Not only Germans but Japanese are also in the league of producing tech-packed concept which can amaze anyone including the competitors. Last October, when Toyota showcased the new FCV Plus concept at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, it sealed all the lips which always talked about the conventional MPVs and SUVs Toyota is known for and nothing on the creative front. The world-class compact environment-friendly drive – Toyota FCV Plus Concept has a futuristic design and technology which is pretty practical to come with a production model. The unique structure is driven by the in-wheel motor complemented with fuel cell stack plotted around the front wheels. The hydrogen-fueled concept has a square steering with head-up display and all modern aspects. We truly want this concept at MIAS 2016. Toyota, are you listening?

Lexus Origami Car

Origami car

This is one car which can't be sent to production to run on the roads like normal ones but, can be staged at the prestigious platform of MIAS 2016. The luxury division of Toyota – Lexus designed and created a life-sized car from cardboard sheets and named it 'Origami Car'. Displayed just to show its creativity and engineering, the very innovative and 'out of character' car took 1700 sheets of 10 mm thick cardboard to show-off what it looks like in the above picture. The car is said to be the origami replica of Lexus IS and is packed with an electric motor under the aluminium and steel frame which makes it much more than just a dummy model. The Lexus Origami car has a complete functional interior which appears to be as comfortable as any Lexus car.

Nissan IDS Autonomous Concept

IDS Autonomous Concept

Bringing a refreshment in its concept fleet, Nissan launched its IDS autonomous concept at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 last year in October. This absolutely stunning car is complemented with a digital approach, innovative technology and futuristic appeal. Housing a high capacity 60 kWh battery which is capable of delivering amazing power appreciated with carbon-fibre structure and enhanced aerodynamics, the new IDS Concept has some modern techs including Piloted Park allowing the driver to operate it via tab or smartphone. During its unveiling, the CEO of Nissan hinted on bringing the production model by the year 2020.

Aforementioned are just a couple of concepts which whirled the automotive world with their innovative design with cutting-edge technology and futuristic appeal. Since these concepts were staged in past couple of months only and some of them are repeatedly making appearances at various auto shows since then, Filipinos might get the privilege of having a close look at them at MIAS 2016. A perfect amalgamation of engineering and creativity, we may be lucky enough to find some of these on roads someday in future but the rest would exclusively remain concepts forever to amaze the crazy auto lovers and critics.

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