5 Concept cars that are too crazy to be true!

  • Sep 24, 2015

MANILA: When the brilliant minds of the auto-world seek for something extra. Bored by the reinvention of the superficial kind, they often enter a phase to craft a never heard, never seen before car – that exposes the world of unsurpassed technology. It's then they decide to create a concept car. Visit any leading auto expo and you will be surprised to witness the sheer number of concept cars that debuts every year. Some concepts, though loaded with cutting-edge technology and futuristic bells and whistles, are still closer to reality and can be seen hitting the road. Whereas a few concept cars take a drastic turn. Being beyond imagination, extravagant, lacquered rolling impossibilities, these concept cars are crafted with the sole purpose to bewitch petrol-heads, become the talk of the town and make a boastful entry on social media. These insane concepts are somewhat lunatic and can never be seen in flesh on the road (at least not for another 50 years). We at CarBay presents to you five of these unrealistic concept cars that are too crazy to be true.

Chevrolet FNR Concept:




The FNR concept car by Chevrolet perfectly fits the concept of “too crazy to be true”. Unveiled at the 2015 Shanghai Auto show, Chevrolet launched the FNR concept with the tag “futuristic capsule design”. Futuristic it is, but so far away in future that it is impossible to predict its arrival now. The dragonfly-style swinging doors along with hub-less motors inside the wheels, crystal laser headlights and an electric drivetrain with a wireless charging are too hard to digest. And if you get over its sheer design – the interiors has more to shock you, as this self-driving car has seats that swivel 180 degrees, for all passengers to chat while the car cruise you to your destination. Plus to add some high-fi secret agent appeal to it – the car has iris recognition to abort only the right people. Any takers – maybe 50 years from now!

Peugeot Egochine:




They say creative people can derive inspiration from anything that surrounds us. Looks like the designer of Peugeot Egochine - Paolo De Giusti took this literally. As the car looks a lot like a razor. The Egochine by Peugeot is a far cry from reality. Themed on the concept of “retrofuturism” - the car has brought together the retro styling in the form of the front end with sculpted fenders, old-school grill, and 2-tone paint scheme. The 3-wheel configuration and razor like body style will pose difficulties to fit a drivetrain. But as the say 'creativity has no limits'.

BMW Lovos Concept:




The Lovos concept car stands for “Lifestyle Of Voluntary Simplicity”. Designed by Pforzheim University graduate Anne Forschner , Lovos is her philosophical idea made into an object. The car challenges the idea of crafting a car with just one recurring piece. The exterior of a car is constructed using just one fully exchangeable part that recurs 260 times. These fish scales like parts are covered with photovoltaic cells to act like air brakes by following the sun. These structures close or open basis on the environment. While the exterior is mechanical and hard, interior pose a contrast with the use of soft and warm materials.

Kassou Car:



Many automakers have launched their take on a batmobile. Some have excelled and even seen limelight while the few failed. But no other batmobile aspirant has stirred up our minds like Kassou concept car did. Designed by Nicholas Lee Dunderdale, the Kassou car even came second at the Car Design News Contest in 2008. Though it achieved design it lacks in production quality. The 3-wheeled Kassou drive has an adjustable roof which can be raised or lowered as per your headroom needs. The bat wings attached on the side are just bizarre and more comical than practical. This might be a batmobile in a parallel universe – where Bruce Wayne is poor. Pun intended.

Toyota Fun Vii:




If you wish to drive in a smartphone on wheels than the Fun Vii concept car from Toyota is just the thing for you. Yes, a thing because we are confused to call this rolling displays on wheels – a car. The exterior and interiors of the car are covered with display panels which are customized according to the mood of the driver. Its exterior display not only facilitate personal displays but are also connected with roadways, infrastructure and other cars on the interior. On the inside, the navigation information is projected directly on the display screens. Well, the Fun Vii might be interesting to drive in – if it actually sees the light of the day.


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