Autonomous cars – Changing the Driving Dynamics

  • Apr 13, 2016

MANILA: The automotive industry is one sector which is witnessing advancements in technology and aspects on almost daily basis. Where one automaker introduces a technology, another brand comes up with a better one in another couple of days. If leading brands are to be believed, the competition is not restricted with fellow brands only and with self also. Every automaker strives to bring better features to accomplish with the demands and needs of its prospective customers. The latest in this line is the introduction of autonomous cars which is still under development and various automakers have shown their deep interest in this project. Autonomous cars are driverless cars packed with technology which can sense the environment and traffic and navigate its way to the destination using computer vision, Odometry, GPS, and radar. Leave aside the comfort and convenience part, these cars have highly sensitive optics and are further mingled with other mechanics for complete control to chances of accidents and collisions optimizing overall safety.

Let's have a look at the most-awaited autonomous cars which can change the driving scenario in another couple of years -

Nissan IDS Autonomous Concept

IDS Concept

Nissan unveiled its IDS Autonomous Concept at the stage of Tokyo Motor Show 2015. The absolutely stunning drive is a house of various advanced aspects for the comfort of the occupants. The concept showcased in front of the visitors at the auto event was constructed from carbon-fibre for better safety and light weight. The Japanese manufacturer has already revealed that this concept carries a high-power 60 kWh battery which is capable of knocking out impressive power and the production version may feature the same power-unit. The enhanced aerodynamics and low stance encourage the performance making it a good performer. This environment-friendly car is well packed with innovative technologies and has a digital approach which makes it a classy and modern car. Along with this, Nissan is working on a couple of other undisclosed autonomous cars and expects to run the production version for IDS autonomous concept by the end of the year 2016 in Japan.

Tesla Model X

Model X

Tesla is known for its advanced technology and the Model X is no exception. This all-electric crossover has added filmware 7.0 software which enables the self-driving features in this sumptuous car enabling self-driving feature including self-parallel-parking and automatic lane changing. For more convenience during driving, there are five different driving setting for varied terrains, heated steering and defrosters. The car also features remote independent door control which is also applicable on the stunning falcon-winged rear doors. Tesla Model X is not only a gorgeous looking car but much more than that. Once you held its steering and race it to optimum, it can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in 3.3 seconds with its 'Ludicrous Speed' option. Also, this SUV can run up to 257 miles on a single full charge. Impressive isn't it.

Ford Autonomous Fusions

Autonomous Fusions

Ford has landed its autonomous Fusions in this rivalry and has claimed that the new drive can 'surpass anything a human could do'. Well, if its recent test results are to be believed, we can't agree more. Ford Fusions was recently taken on a night ride where a researcher test drove it in pitch black and recorded its progression. The drive was successfully completed and the credit for sensing the traffic and weather goes to the highly advanced lidar sensor. This primary sensor plotted in Ford Autonomous Fusions can detect the weather, road conditions, traffic and other crucial aspects which can affect the driving situation. This technology works better if combined with high-resolution maps. Though Ford Fusions has cleared the night ride test but it will still take approximately 10 more years to come up with the production model. Looks like a future thing!

Volvo Concept 26

Concept 26

Volvo is already a known auto brand for producing the safest cars in the world. With a sumptuous fleet and technology already in the market, the Swedish brand is now working towards autonomous car – Concept 26. Volvo is yet to come with a physical or exterior structure and as of now the brand is focusing on the cabin and technology only. The IntelliSafe Autopilot packed within this concept is said to be the key feature which is efficient enough to control the functions and deliver safe drives. It is obvious that the automaker would equip all the crucial aspects in comfort, convenience and styling segments just like its standard cars. For safety segment, Volvo is so confident about its technology that it has claimed to bear all the liabilities for its Volvo Concept 26 when driven in autonomous mode. Interesting, we would say!

Toyota Highway Teammate

Highway Teammate

In the race of autonomous driving, the world-leader Toyota has also joined the race. The Japanese giant is working on its Highway Teammate which is an autonomous car and carries features and styling that of the absolutely luxurious Lexus GS. Though the new concept had a test run on the Tokyo's Shunto Expressway some time ago but, it is still due to get more advancement to judge the road and traffic conditions. According to the officials working on Toyota Highway Teammate project, the car would use onboard technology to make decisions and manoeuvre accordingly. As per the latest info, Toyota is developing three types of vehicular intelligence - to recognize the situation, involve in the interaction with the driver and understanding the infrastructure of other cars running on the road. The production version for Mobility Teammate Concept may arrive by the year 2020.

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