5 things to love about the Fortuner TRD Sportivo

5 things to love about the Fortuner TRD Sportivo

While the Fortuner is arguably one of the most coveted SUVs in the market, which makes it one of the most visible model on the road, you might want something with a little more pizzazz to stand out from the pack.

Toyota Fortuner TRD side 850 x 420

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has taken the hassle out of the mixing and matching accessories for you because they know that you’d rather finish The Kingdom on Netflix than be bothered to piece these things together.

Looking sportier than usual and more suited, I believe, for the younger SUV owner, check out my favorite Toyota Fortuner 2.4G 4x2 TRD Sportivo features.

1. Front fascia

Pairing perfectly with the blacked-out TRD grille is the White Pearl body, which costs P15,000 more than other body colors of the Fortuner, and it’s finished off nicely by the orange TRD stamp at the bottom of the logo. It also sports a new hood ornament and redesigned front bumper spoiler.

Toyota Fortuner TRD grille 850 x 420

You’ll still get the bi-beam LED headlamps with daytime running lamps right above the reshaped bumper with edgy black fog lamps housing that are highlighted by black trims on both sides and the grille extension in the middle.

The whole TRD package, which is sold separately for other Fortuner variants, is free with this unit and immediately sets it apart from other Fortuners.

2. Decals

This is why I say that this model is for the younger generation of buyers. A small part of me says “too much” but my 20-year-old self exclaims: "“Yes! Bring it on! It’s not enough. " 'Nuff said.

Toyota Fortuner TRD side decal 850 x 420

These decals are found at the bottom of the doors, stretching from the front all the way to the back.

It reads “TRD Sportivo” in white and orange respectively and underscored by a combination of black and orange lines.

It’s bolder now than the previous design but, I have to be honest, a few more here and there won’t hurt. In fact, it will add more flair and exclusivity to this trim.

3. Rear disc brakes

Even if it’s a lower trim, it already gets upgraded with the rear brakes — ventilated discs found just like the front, which are encased in new black alloy wheels.

In case you don’t know, disc brakes are better than the previous rear drum brakes on the Fortuner.

Toyota Fortuner TRD wheel 850 x 420

Drums brakes are the cheaper of the two, but it reaches brake fade much quicker, and may perform adversely if water from rain or flash floods enter the drum. Its only upside is it’s less costly to repair.

These new disc brakes dissipate heat much quicker because of its built-in ventilation, are easier to inspect for caliper deterioration, and aren't affected by wet conditions — making for a more efficient system to stop the vehicle.

And this isn’t just car talk. I thoroughly tested it on a trip to Baguio taking Marcos Highway one weekend.

I love how it feels a lot firmer when it brakes despite its curb weight of close to 1.8 tons, and how it takes a bit of a nosedive especially when you’re coming in a little fast.

4. Engine

It uses the smaller of the two Fortuner’s diesel engines, a 2.4-liter boosted by a variable nozzle turbocharger with front mounted intercooler.

The output of 147hp and 400Nm of torque, which may seem quite ordinary for an SUV, proved to be more than enough on NLEX and even along SCTEX and TPLEX.

On Eco mode, acceleration is expectedly stunted to conserve fuel. This means it won’t be as responsive and it will make it feel like you’re crawling especially if you’re just coming out of a toll booth.

Toyota Fortuner TRD rear 850 x 420

Getting up to your desired speed will take a few seconds longer, which may not be to your liking if you’re impatient.

Fortunately for you, it comes equipped with Power mode as well and this is where you’ll want to stay if you want the drive to feel light and snappy.

Fuel economy may suffer a tad but this is an engine that’s extremely efficient.

In four days of Baguio traffic, two in Manila and the back-and-forth on the highway, it still managed to squeeze 9.1 kilometers to a liter.

5. Improved handling and comfort

You may have heard from others that the current Fortuner has a softer ride. That’s not an overstatement.

Toyota Fortuner TRD rear quarter 850 x 420

On a side trip to Manaoag, Waze sent us on a path less traveled and I could tell because I’ve never gone through there, ever. Some road parts were unsealed and plenty narrow yet the Fortuner, despite its body-on-frame construction, managed to feel less like a truck (that it’s based on) and leaned a little closer in the comfort meter towards the RAV4.

It takes corners very well and the way it zipped marvelously along the zigzags of Marcos Highway is proof of its upgraded handling and higher rollover resistance.

Fortuner cockpit 850x420

There’s still a little stiffness over humps, even when laden, but it's a small price to pay for the high ground clearance and the ability to haul a considerable amount of cargo if you fold the rear seats and take down the 60:40 split-type second row seats.

At just P1.831 million, it has just the right mix of everything, from the looks, performance, modern amenities, plus that trusty old Toyota engine, too.

Durable, works hard and looks good doing it, there’s very little to want from this very stylish unit.

The 2019 Toyota Fortuner 2.4G 4x2 TRD Sportivo is the same old Fortuner you love, but this one is tricked-out with the accessories you’ve always wanted.

Photos by Eric Tipan



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