Summer loving: 10 tips to protect your car from the heat

Summer loving: 10 tips to protect your car from the heat

Summer season is fast approaching, and we’re starting to feel the scorching heat, coupled with humidity. Now is the perfect time to hit the beach and go on road trips (well, safely, of course). But before heading out, make sure and  check if your car is in good condition to avoid overheating — an increased risk during this time. Excessive heat can also damage your car’s exterior and interior, so make sure that they are also well-protected  to make your car last longer. Here are some tips to protect your car from the damaging effects summer.

Park in the shade

To protect your dash from drying and cracking, you must avoid parking your car in a spot where it receives direct sunlight. You may consider parking near trees or inside a garage. Parking in the shade can also help in prolonging the life of your car. If there is no shady spot nearby, use a sunshade instead to lessen the heat inside the car.

Tint the car windows

A window tint provides UV ray protection to keep your car (and its occupants) cooler. You can visit your local dealership or auto body shop to apply window tinting on your car — or to improve the one you already have.

Use a windshield sun protector

A windshield sun protector can help cool down your car and avoid sun damage. It is also very convenient to use as you just simply need to unfold it and slide into place on your dash.

Wax your car

Waxing your car creates an extra layer of protection that blocks UV rays and pollution. Aside from that, waxing also helps maintain the body paint so it is best to do it regularly to preserve the sleekness of your car.

Keep the car windows partially open

Your car may heat up due to the hot air that is trapped within the closed windows and the glass that acts as a conductor. Leaving the car windows slightly open can help in getting the air out. If the car has a sunroof, keep it partially open, too. Just make sure that the opening is not wide enough for someone to get in. Also, watch out for the weather so your car’s interior won’t be soaked in the rain.

Install car seat covers

Seat covers not only protect the original seats from UV damage, but they also keep them from getting too hot. Seat covers can also add flair to the cabin if you want to upgrade the standard seat material that comes with your car.

Monitor the car temperature on the dashboard

To prevent your car from overheating, always keep an eye on the car temperature gauge and make sure that the needle is pointing toward the center. Once it points toward hot, you must pull over and immediately switch off the engine to cool down the vehicle.

Check the tire pressure

Driving with underinflated tires on a hot surface can possibly cause a blowout. It is important to check the tire pressure regularly, especially during summer season. Always make sure to follow the recommended tire pressure of the car manufacturer.

Check the level of fluids

Low fluid levels can heighten the possibility of overheating, so make sure to regularly check the motor oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. If any of these needs to be refilled, refer to the owner’s manual to know the right type of fluid to use.

Replace the car battery if needed

It is recommended to visit your mechanic to have your car battery checked if it is already older than three years. An old car battery may not deliver the same amount of power that it initially did, so your vehicle has to work harder, which may lead to overheating. Car batteries also tend to wear out easily if the vehicle’s air-conditioning is heavily used.

Always keep these 10 tips in mind so you can enjoy your summer trip without any hassle on the road.

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