Did you know that the new Vios is available for leasing?

Did you know that the new Vios is available for leasing?
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MANILA: All eyes were on Toyota over last weekend with the launch of the refreshed Vios — the passenger car king of the Philippines in terms of sales. Its three generations spanning 17 years have sold almost 320,000 units locally. Toyota Motor Philippines reported that, last year, the Vios took a hefty 38.6% slice of the passenger car pie with 33,181 units.

New Toyota Vios

The Vios is also a gift that keeps on giving. The locally manufactured Toyota is enrolled in the government’s Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence Strategy (CARS) Program, implemented to “attract new investments, stimulate demand and effectively implement industry regulations that will revitalize the Philippine automotive industry, and develop the country as a regional automotive manufacturing hub.”

New Toyota Vios front

As TMP Chairman Alfred Ty explained in a statement, the Vios, in effect, “helps support almost 55,000 lives throughout the Toyota network, 71 dealers, 56 local suppliers, and countless other business and trade partners… Our Toyota Vios is a symbol of the best of Japanese technology and Filipino craftsmanship. In my mind, our Vios has become the national car of the Philippines.” It should be noted that, according to TMP, 27% of the vehicle is sourced locally – 24% from local suppliers and three percent in-house.

Understandably, the vehicle’s production was affected during the hard lockdown. TMP President Atsuhiro Okamoto revealed to ZIGWHEELS PH, “Production halted during the enhanced community quarantine, and gradually resumed once quarantine measures started to relax. TMP resumed with lower production levels before gradually returning to normal.” He added, “Protocols did not affect production volume, and production operation managed the process following TMP’s safety protocols.”

Toyota Vios steering wheel

For his part, TMP First Vice President for Corporate Affairs Group Atty. Rommel Gutierrez revealed to ZIGWHEELS PH that “targets under CARS program have certainly been affected by numerous negative factors. Most recent and expected to continue is the COVID-19 pandemic. Under the circumstance, review of its terms and conditions is most appropriate.”

Toyota Vios drive modes

Regardless of how the new normal will ultimately affect the Vios and the public’s appetite for it, the company is according the nameplate all the importance it rightfully deserves by making it available to more Filipinos in however fashion they want to experience it. “TMP continues to offer flexible financing schemes and value-for-money deals on various Toyota models,” said TMP First Vice President for Vehicle Sales Sherwin Chualim. “TFS will also be offering a new financial plan, the TFS Balloon Payment Plus Plan, for the 2020 Vios.”

Kinto One

Aside from the usual easy ownership packages, the company is offering the Vios via the Kinto One service which it just launched last month.

Toyota Kinto One

Kinto One is a product of Toyota Financial Services (TFS) Philippines, which offers leasing arrangements on select Toyota vehicles. It’s about providing “a new customer experience for Filipino consumers who are exploring to shift from conventional car ownership to usership.”

The Kinto One is surely asking people to reexamine how they view mobility, but the writing is on the wall as evidenced in trends such as ride-hailing, and a more contemporary mindset that looks at utility rather than ownership (consider Spotify and Netflix, for instance). “Whether it is hassle-free personal transportation, moving of goods from point A to B, or the privilege of driving a new car every three or four years, Kinto One is the mobility service of the next generation,” said the company on its website.

The Toyota Vios 1.5 G A/T is available for leasing at the following rates:





Toyota Vios 1.5 G A/T

LIGHT: 15,000 kms/year



STANDARD: 20,000 kms/year



MAXIMUM: 30,000 kms/year



Toyota Vios 1.5 G A/T

(White Pearl)

LIGHT: 15,000 kms/year



STANDARD: 20,000 kms/year



MAXIMUM: 30,000 kms/year



·       Prices may change without prior notice.


Included in the pricing are:

  • Periodic maintenance for the whole term,

  • Replacement of normal wear-and-tear parts,

  • Annual comprehensive insurance,

  • Car registration.

Customers are required a security deposit equivalent to payment for two months.

For more information, visit the virtual showroom https://toyota.com.ph/vios, TMP’s official website at www.toyota.com.ph, and follow the official social media accounts and online communities at ToyotaMotorPhilippines (Facebook and Instagram), @ToyotaMotorPH (Twitter), and Toyota PH (Viber).

Photos from Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation

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