Lotus Engineering, Iprova to bring AI to transport sector

Lotus Engineering, Iprova to bring AI to transport sector

MANILA: The relationship between Lotus Engineering and Iprova, which was recently announced, brings together discoveries they make from artificial intelligence (AI) technology. For the first time, the two firms have the potential to generate proof of concept, design, and engineering of products based on AI.


  • How will Lotus and Iprova work together to bring AI to the transportation sector?

    Iprova helps with the development of ground-breaking inventions, and Lotus Engineering contributes with proof of concept, product design, and engineering.
  • How does Iprova's Invention Studio create technologies?

    The Invention Studio platform from Iprova uses AI, data, and automation to speed up what are frequently labor-intensive and slow invention processes.
  • The two businesses will use their unique engineering expertise and data-driven invention technology to target the transportation sector in its broadest sense, including everything from e-scooters to autonomous trucks.

    The innovative joint venture will support creativity at significant sites of industry disruption before producing the innovations that result more rapidly and effectively than ever.

    Technologies that are used to create the goods used on a daily basis — from mobile devices to home appliances — come from a variety of business sectors. The same is becoming more and more true for transportation solutions, which now incorporate elements from mobile technology, sustainability, and a variety of other industries.

    Lotus, Iprova

    Lotus has a wealth of expertise in locating and incorporating concepts from various industries.

    Most notably, the development team for the Lotus Elise was inspired to create the now-ubiquitous automotive adhesive bonding process, They did this by studying the non-stick coating used on cookware and fusing this idea with additional knowledge from other fields.

    The Invention Studio platform from Iprova uses AI, data, and automation to speed up what are frequently labor-intensive and slow invention processes. Through its data-driven approach to invention, the transportation industry can now produce ground-breaking innovations in a methodical and reproducible manner.

    Based on more than 40 years of experience as a global consultancy, Lotus Engineering has top-notch prototype, proof-of-concept, and development capabilities.

    Lotus Chapman Production Center

    Many of the world's OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers benefit from its comprehensive consulting services, and it is well-known internationally for its long-standing support of ground-breaking engineering and cutting-edge vehicle development.

    In order for businesses to "create large and implement fast" and remain competitive, Lotus Engineering and Iprova have joined forces to deliver a distinctive concept that offers a thorough and complete solution.

    Commenting on the partnership, Commercial Director of Lotus Engineering Mark Stringer said: Our clients have told us that they want to make bold and breakthrough products at key points of disruption. It’s a process driven by creativity and therefore a need to invent. Iprova’s technology delivers this efficiently at scale and so this collaboration adds a vital new element to our portfolio of consultancy services.” 

    Photos from Lotus

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