Meet the fastest electric car, Faraday Future FF 91

  • Jan 04, 2017

MANILA: An electric car is not a new thing in the market but, an electric car which has the acceleration of a Formula 1 car and can learn and adapt to the driver is surely unique. Yes, the electric car company Faraday Future has revealed, “ a new species” of car in Las Vegas ahead of CES 2017.

FF 91 Front

According to the company, FF 91 will go into production in 2018 and it will be competing against the likes of Tesla Model S P100D. The FF 91 delivers 1,050 hp maximum power and can clock 100 kmph mark from naught in mere 2.39 seconds, making it the fastest electric car on the planet, beating Model S P100D.

FF 91  Side

Another notable feature of FF 91 is the ‘driverless valet’ system which allows the driver to leave the car and order it to park itself. The two “aerodynamic antennas” enable the car to act as a big wireless router. The car also features a face recognising system, which will help in unlocking the car by recognizing the driver’s face. It will also learn about the driver and continuously adapt to those preferences.

FF 91 Rear

The wrap around tinted glass on the doors and roof, a check-pattern along the base, and lots of curves and clean lines together gives a futuristic look to this four-door sedan. The FF 91 also features a circular glowing light on the hood, which is quite similar to the one on Iron Man’s chest.

Faraday Future is not only keen to highlight the speed of its electric car but, also its ‘driverless valet’. Hong Bae, the director of advanced drive assistance systems and self-driving, displayed the said feature through a live video where the FF 91 parked itself in a parking lot outside. Among the two spaces available in the lot, FF 91 found a spot and parked itself reversing slowly into space without hitting any of the other vehicles.

The company’s official did not answer the problems persisting within and how it will take the car to the production stage but, it opened a section on its official website where people can take delivery of the FF 91 for a deposit of $5000.


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