Next-Generation Kia Rio Official Rendered Images Out

  • Aug 25, 2016

MANILA: Kia the South-Korean automaker is slowly but steadily hitting the right cords and the same is visible through its new launches, great promos, improving sales figures and how can we forget the new service app. Well, once again to gain the maximum out of the current booming auto scenario, Kia has revealed rendered images of the next-generation Kia Rio. And in the first glance itself, we fell in love with this to be produced car, plus we are sure that after seeing the pictures, you'll share the same sentiments like ours.

Well, the rumours have it that the company is planning to host all-new Kia's world premier at the 2016 Mondial de l'Automobile. Further, if the to be showcased vehicle looks like the images circulated by the company then visitors surely are going to have a good time at the auto show. If we compare the current Kia Rio with its future version, we see a hell lot changes that apart from making the car look trendy, enhances its utility and performance by manifold.

2017 rio rear

Starting off, what meets the eyes first, the exterior design language. The 2017 version of Kia Rio is more likely to carry a rounded shape body with soft corners and sleek contour lines. One thing that however remains common among the two is Kia's signature tiger-nose grille (though it looks a bit tweaked in the rendered images). Complementing the trademark grille are present features like sharp and aggressive looking headlamps, large air dams and circular fog lamps in a redesigned case. On to the side, we noticed prominent wheel arches and what looks like a stretched out distance between the two. Hinting towards the fact that the new Rio will come with a revised dimension sheet. Also, the C-pillar looks more upright, thus giving the car a more balanced look.

2017 rio interior

The lot of 2017 Kia Rio render images also contained an interior shot that gives us a good idea about the future cabin design philosophy of the company. In the image we can clearly see a new dash and instrument panel design, topped with new control knobs, gear shift and infotainment panel. Information about the engine that the new Rio will house remains unknown. But with all these heavy transformations we expect to see one in this front too.

As per reports, the 2017 Rio will first go on sale in the European markets and we like Kia Niro Hybrid have to wait for a knock on our door from this one too.


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