SWAT Mobility x Willers for Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform

SWAT Mobility x Willers for Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform

MANILA: SWAT Mobility Pte. Ltd. (SWAT) and Willers Pte. Ltd. (Willers) made an announcement today about a joint venture to address mobility concerns in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

The said partnership of SWAT Mobility and Willers involves a community-focused shared mobility service with demand-responsive capacity. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) indicates the beginning of a promising future in the Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) space.


Founder and CEO of Willers Pte Ltd. (Singapore) and Willer Inc. (Japan) Shigetaka Murase explained, “The collaboration with SWAT is highly valuable and strategic for Willers as we realize our vision of innovating transportation services, allowing people to move around anytime, anywhere seamlessly and conveniently. A sustainable and inclusive transportation is essential in increasing the value and productivity of a city or country, as well as transforming people’s lives.  We believe that Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) will be key in managing commuting demands while optimizing the use of limited resources to solve societal and mobility challenges. These include  enhancing connectivity and accessibility, boosting ridership in low-density areas, and addressing first-and last-mile challenges.” 

The MaaS Platform has been adapted from Willer, Inc., Willers HQ in Japan. Willer, Inc. has been running tests of its MaaS app in Tokyo, Hokkaido, and Kyoto since 2019. It has gained support from the government of Japan to match current transportation in those areas with new mobility services. 

The artificial intelligence (AI) routing algorithm of SWAT exceeded numerous known standards, and the partnership will exploit the innovative routing technology of SWAT to provide more convenience, more dynamic customer experience, and commuting efficiency through the Willers MaaS platform.

The goal is to utilize the MaaS platform to build new services towards complementing current transportation networks and systems and encouraging commuters to freely and conveniently move around. This is through cost-efficient commuting alternatives like taxi-booking, car-sharing, and demand-responsive shuttle bus services (inclusive of autonomous shuttles).

A clear synergistic benefit can be anticipated from the two companies, through creative focused marketing, the utilization of an advanced MaaS platform, and incorporation of innovative technologies. 

The main purpose is to offer exciting travel experiences for the communities. They will work jointly to explore opportunities in the APAC, particularly in Southeast Asia, and provide additional advantages to travelers and commuters in the region.

CEO of SWAT Mobility Jarrold Ong added, ““SWAT Mobility and Willers have a shared vision to transform mobility and improve how people  move around, and our collaboration brings together our strengths to deliver best-in-class mobility  solutions on Willers’ MaaS platform. We are extremely excited to collaborate with Willers  to extend the capabilities of our AI routing technologies to make a positive impact beyond the seven  countries we operate in.”

SWAT Mobility has a proven track record of providing workforce commuting solutions to corporate offices as well as on-demand mobility solutions with partners and governments.

The company, which is based in Singapore, has extended to seven markets in five years across the APAC region, including the Philippines, Japan, and Australia.

SWAT has developed smart employee transport solutions for offices in remote areas, airports, and industrial parks. The technology that it promotes is currently assisting city governments in resolving first-mile, last-mile issues, and firms with transport optimization, which also include providing support for on-demand shuttles catering to commuting salespeople.

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