Toyota PH targets carbon neutrality of Sta. Rosa plant by 2035

Toyota PH targets carbon neutrality of Sta. Rosa plant by 2035

MANILA: Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP) accelerated its “Plant Carbon Neutrality” target by 15 years from the original 2050 goal in order to better correspond with the new target of Toyota to cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of all its production sites. This was announced by the local producer of Vios and Innova during the opening of its expanded 1.46-megawatt solar facility, which powers its production plant and headquarters.


  • How much did Toyota invest in the 1.46-megawatt solar array project?

    Toyota invested over P94 million in the 1.46-megawatt solar array project.
  • How much CO2 emission will be reduced with the help of the project?

    Once the project is completed, Toyota will be able to cut its emissions by as much as 1,400 tons of CO2 annually.
  • As part of its major effort to become carbon-neutral, TMP boosted the capacity of its solar power system by 0.46 megawatt, bringing the company's minimum renewable energy (RE) ratio to 18%. TMP's onsite RE will contribute 7% to10% of the total energy needed for manufacturing and non-manufacturing operations with up to two million kilowatt-hours of reduced clean energy annually.

    Toyota 1.46-megawatt Solar Array

    TMP invested over P94 million in the 1.46-megawatt solar array project. As a result, the company will cut its emissions by as much as 1,400 tons of CO2 annually, which is the equivalent to planting 2.9 million trees over a 20-year period.

    Following the progress of Toyota Motor Corporation's “Zero CO2 Emissions” goal under the Toyota Environmental Challenge (TEC 2050) in 2021, TMP created a Plant Carbon Neutrality (PCN) roadmap to establish specific goals under the two pillars of RE Utilization and Energy Efficiency. These pillars serve as the foundation for how TMP will use 100% RE from on-site and off-site power sources, use smart technologies and operational efficiency in production, and utilize modern machinery that depends on alternative fuel or energy sources to meet its PCN target.

    Toyota 1.46-megawatt Solar Array

    “For TMP, I am confident to say that plant carbon neutrality by 2035 is possible. We have 13 years left before our deadline, and we are working continuously to achieve 100% RE by also exploring offsite power sources,” TMP President Atsuhiro Okamoto stated.

    The company began investing in RE in 2018 with the first-phase installation of a one-megawatt TMP solar array. This project served as a flagship effort to meet TMP's commitments to TEC 2050, especially “Challenge 3: Plant Zero CO2 Emissions.” This first phase was a Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) Model Project that was registered and received financial assistance from the Japanese government. The agreement to incorporate the carbon credits in Japan's emission reduction target was supplied by the JCM, a program that finances the diffusion of low-carbon infrastructure in developing countries.

    Toyota 1.46-megawatt Solar Array

    The second phase, which began in March 2022, involves the addition of 0.46-megawatt capacity. MSpectrum, Inc., a RE company and subsidiary of Manila Electric Company (Meralco), installed a total of 3,486 panels for the full rooftop solar power system on TMP's main building in Santa Rosa City, Laguna.

    TMP also wants to lower indirect emissions that take place along its value chain through TEC 2050. TMP conducts process improvement activities in logistics operations, from the delivery of vehicles to dealerships through the shipping of parts. To date, 26 Toyota dealers and eight suppliers have made investments in RE facilities or signed RE purchase agreements. Additionally, TMP offers the widest selection of hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) models, giving sustainable mobility options to customers.

    Photos from Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation

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