7 Hazards That Can Ruin Your Car’s Bodywork

  • Apr 20, 2016

MANILA: Ford Motors, one of the biggest and oldest automobile brands surely knows not just a thing or two about the cars but understands various concerns of its customers regarding the overall aspect. And because they have been in the industry for so long, people tend to believe them the most. So in order to spread its proficient know-how of how to maintain the premium quality paint of their vehicles, the brand has published a checklist of the possible reasons which might ruin your precious car's bodywork. The American brand has included some obvious reasons like splattered bugs, spilled fuel, Bird droppings, stone chips, fingerprints, ashes, and unclean washing accessories.

Here we time to time aware our viewers about car care and tips like summer car care. Now following the footsteps of this major brand, we at CarBay have also decided to aware our visitors with other vital possible causes which the brand has forgot to mention.

Tree Sap

Tree Sap

Park under a tree and high chances are when you return you might find your car covered in all its sticky glory which is very difficult to remove especially this stickiness from the sap gets hard. Wiping it off with the inappropriate product will only increase the ruined area.


Use Insect & Tar Remover Spray and a good microfibre mitt instead of rag cloth or inappropriate product to remove the sap.

Rain/Snow/Water Spots

Water Spots

If you are a habitant of a rain or snow prone area, your car will definitely show off some rust before you know it. Your car will also sport some nasty water spots which could cause lasting damage to the car paint.


Use car shampoo to wash off these water minerals off your car and always dry your car with a drying cloth. Also if possible, park your car in a garage.

Soot From a Fire

Ash on Car

Not a quite common sight, but sometimes, you happen to mistakenly park your car near any fireplace or any wildfire in the neighborhood. Expect ashes to get everywhere and your car may catch some of them too. The alkali forms with that ash can permanently damage your car paint.


Always keep your car covered and if it is not possible every time, don't go for a direct stream of water. Simply dusting off the car or just driving away will blow it off.

Not washing regularly

Dirty Car

Negligence is the first step to ruin your car. Uncovered car develop stains, rust patches and dust spots very soon which are very stubborn to remove.


To keep your car in a tip-top position, regular shampooing and washing is a must. For ultimate protection, wax your car twice in a year.

Excessive Exposure to Sun

Faded Paint

While you enjoy getting tanned on a perfect delightful summer day, a permanent irreversible damage can be done to your car's body paint. Your car's paint will start getting fade with a prolonged exposure to the sun which cannot be reversed.


This will also require you to park your car in a garage, and if this is not possible every time try to park in a shade whenever possible.

Fuel Stains

Topping off Fuel Tank

We all have the temptation to full our fuel tank to the brim but this will increase the chances of spilling fuel on the paintwork resulting in the ugly fuel stain which will cost you a fortune to deal with it.


Don't top off and if you couldn't resist your temptation, wash it off as soon the fuel is spilled in a circular motion with a clean dry microfibre cloth.

Sharp objects/Scratching

Keyed Paint

Your car may be vandalized by some notorious elements in the neighborhood. Sharp objects like razors, keys, knives or scissors can put a nice scratch on your car's bodywork which make it look very ugly.


Don't leave your car unsupervised for so long and if in any case the vandalism do happens to your car, go to a professional who should be able to recover the body paint to its best.

So, if your car is your prized possession, don't let these causes to ruin its showroom and tip-top finish. If you have any paint-protection tips of your own, do share them in the comment section below or shout out at our CarBay Philippines Facebook page.


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