Summer Car Care Tips - Prepare your Car for the Harshest of Lord Sun

  • Mar 09, 2016

MANILA: Summers are nice. But harsh summers when lord Sun is on its highest fury, ready to engulf all that comes its way, is the time of the year that we all hate the most. No matter what you do, who you are or where you live, once in awhile, everyone of us has to go through a time that makes us remember the cold winter season that is still months away.

Well, it's not just humans or living beings that are affected by the close proximity of the sun, nonliving creatures like our automobiles too are hampered by its closeness. And if remained unchecked or not prepared accurately for this difficult sweaty time of the year, we ensure you that you'll only end up cursing your stupidity in the midst of dust, heat and heavy traffic.

No worries, as the rigid summer course is still to come and you still have time to prepare your four-wheel commuter for those odious days. Below, we have mentioned some tips that'll make your car summer-ready.

Where's all the cool air?


If that's the question you and people sitting in your car usually ask, then there is surely something wrong with your car’s air-con. And let us warn you that if you avoid this situation, it will a take a heavy toll on your pleasure.

Cause - Low level of refrigerants, due to some possible leak in the system.

Solution - Let's be practical, there is no way one can single handedly handle this trivial matter. The best thing you can do is take your car to its doctor, the authorised service center.

Why this seat feels so gluey?

car maintenance tips

Sweat goes hand in hand with summer. Both share a close relation with each other that no one hates more than humans. If getting up from your car seat leaves you with a big swat patch on your shirt then it's an indication towards unfriendly summer car seat covers.

Cause - Usually leather seat covers are the culprits of the underlying situation. Leather absorbs a lot of heat compared to fabric seat covers. Moreover, leather covers do not have pores on their surface, which results in the human body heat getting absorbed in the seats itself.

Solution - Fabric is your saver. Fabric seat covers are your only rescue option that apart from being a cheap option are summer friendly too.

Having ignition trouble?

battery issue

If not one or two, but repeated attempts is what it takes to start the car, then surely there is something wrong with the battery underneath the hood. Also, if you see a small battery logo flashing on the meter console, the situation only gets further verified.

Cause - To the list of ill-battery causes are included factors like battery cables corrosion, rust deposition, loose connections and battery passed out lifespan.

Solution - Manually you can check your battery by looking for a white-blue residue and cleaning it. If the car starts easily after cleaning your battery, then the issue has been rectified. If not, it means the battery has discharged and you need technical help.

Are you experiencing performance drop?

car breakdown

If you are getting a feel that your car performance level has dropped over the period of time and you are witnessing issues like overheated bonnet, and lack of cooling, then we will strongly advise you an immediate coolant check-up.

Cause - Coolant is an integral part of the engine, it keeps it cool and helps it perform better. Disturbed coolant levels are the main cause for overheating of the engine.

Solution - Check the coolant levels and if it is below the predetermined mark then re-fill it. No, we are kidding, it's your mechanics job, just take your car to the service station and he will take care of the rest.

Experiencing a dip in fuel economy?


Over time, if you feel that your car's diet has increased and it's asking for a refuelling ever now and then, it's definitely the case of an air-filter gone bad.

Cause - Your car's air filter has got clogged due to thick debris and salt that may have may have find its way in during the winter season. Excessive heat can melt and expand this stuck debris, which can in-turn clog the air filter opening.

Solution - Replacement is the only solution. As for additional knowledge, you should take your car for an air filter replacement after every 19,321 km ride.

Are you facing handling issues?

flat tire

Riding your car and missing that confidence you use to experience before? If bumpy rides, shakiness, mild vibrating has become part of your everyday car driving experience, then bad tire pressure is to be blamed.

Cause - Under-inflated, over-inflated, worn out and misaligned tire are included in the list of causes.

Solution - You can check all these things easily at home. (How to Check Your Tire Pressure). To know the best solution, talk to the service guy and do as he says.


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