6 reasons why car ownership trumps any romantic relationship

6 reasons why car ownership trumps any romantic relationship

No matter the distance or the goal, driving alone is one of the most freeing experiences a person can have. Not that car ownership is totally worry-free — what with the funds and time involved in maintaining your car’s condition and your right to drive it requires.


  • How could car ownership be less complicated compared to romantic relationship?

    Car ownership is considered to be more straightforward since cars come with owner's manuals, among other reasons.
  • Still, you’re better off single and owning a car — in whatever condition — than individuals who are legally married, formally engaged, casually hooked, or (much to the chagrin of all parties involved) confusingly associated. Here are six reasons why car ownership is simpler and just as fulfilling as any romantic relationship.

    An automobile comes with an owner's manual

    This handbook contains almost all of the information on your vehicle. There's no doubt about it preferring premium fuel over regular. It also offers useful graphics for in case you encounter car problems — which are much more straightforward to fix compared to relationships gone awry, clearly or otherwise…

    Volvo Owners Manual

    Your auto may be high-maintenance at times, but it will not let you down if you take excellent care of it

    Quite a difference from someone who drains you and yet isn't content with what you have to offer or provide.

    Mitsubishi ekx_wildbeast TokyoAutoSalon2020

    You may change things to meet your requirements

    Stock isn’t rock for many of us car enthusiasts, and that’s understandable. You will never be accused of not accepting someone for who they are when you make adjustments to your car's inherent faults or design. You can be as vain — hopefully only to your own vehicle — as you’d like.

    Other people may be drawn to your automobile, but only you hold the keys to it

    No matter how many men and women ‘like’ the photos of your car on social media, there’s no way that one of them will snag the keys. And if any of them does attempt to steal your ride, you'll be alerted by way of a blaring car alarm. 

    2023 Ford Ranger

    There's no need to be a one-car person

    You can go for both quality and quantity if you have enough money that expresses your motor passion. You can choose which vehicle suits your personality and taste — and not be accused of having high standards. Shameless plug coming in, by the way — you can check for potential partners in four-wheeled form over at our New Car guide or Feature articles.

    You are free to drive at your own pace 

    There's no need to stick to a set speed, and there's no guilt in backing off when the car feels like it’s gonna lose control. Only you get to steer towards the path you wish to go. Free from the expectations on the manner of your driving and the arrival time to your destination, you can be as liberated as you can possibly be.

    2023 Changan CS55 Plus Baguio drive (10)

    Photos and images from Toyota Motor Philippines, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Ford Philippines, and Dylan Afuang

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