8 Ways To Combat Car-Theft

  • May 09, 2016

MANILA: Auto-theft has been a long enduring problem in society for very long. The vehicle crime rate in the country has been consistently raising and despite that, most of us don't consider about auto-theft avoidance until it's too late. Just like you take several measures and install various devices to protect your home from intruders, you should also put efforts to ensure your car is out of the reach of wrong hands. Here are few car security options to protect your baby car without spending a much fortune.


Mechanical Immobilizers

If you want to go for a less expensive option then mechanical immobilizers are your options which are designed to restrict your car movements or prohibit access to the car. Despite being cheap, they are of big use as they are highly visible and can ward off dabbler thieves. You can find various mechanical immobilizers in the market ranging from PhP 900-3000 which includes-

  • Steering-Wheel Lock

  • Brake Lock

  • Hood Lock

  • Tire Lock

Electronic Immobilizer


Most modern cars today come with this advanced security feature. Unlike the mechanical, this is an electronic device that prohibits engine to start without the correct key. With this, thieves would also fail in jump starting or hot-wiring the car.

Automatic Sensing Door Locks

Door Lock

Seeing the current scenario, you and your car is not safe even when speeding down the road. With this feature, your door locks automatically as you attain a certain speed. Equipped with something like this, the Bukas Kotse or such gangs won’t be able to trouble you.

Pedal Lock

Mechanical Immobilizer

Yeah, one of the oldest but reliable safety devices which definitely give thieves a hard time. This lock clasps the steering wheel and a pedal, restricting it from any kind of movement.

Install a GPS Tracker

Many modern cars nowadays offer this feature as standard. With a GPS tracker, your car can be tracked down with a real-time location. LoJack and OnStar provides a tracking-security feature to most of the brands. In LoJack, a hidden transmitter is present in the car, which gets activated once a theft is filed. OnStar also works in a similar approach and comes standard on new models from big brands.

Car Alarm

Car Sensors

This is one of the best and the most visually effective anti-theft devices. Car alarms are designed to blare off in case of any kind of breaching, unauthorized access, window breaking, and a perimeter violations.

Kill Switch

Kill Switch

This anti-theft device is also proven to be a very effective device which can be activated via a wireless transmitter to cut off the engine's electrical system. There are also other types of kill switches which gets activated the moment a car is locked. This gets deactivated only after a series of actions i.e unlocking the car, accelerating it once, buckling your seatbelt, etc.



DashCams doesn't come as standard on all the models as of now and are not an active anti-theft device, but this cam could automatically record a video of someone trespassing your car. This video could be used as a great proof, in case your car gets stolen.

Apart from installing these devices in your cars, also follow the general awareness tips like always lock the car, avoid parking in secluded areas and don't leave valuables inside a car.

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