Relevant Details About Car Hacking & Its Safety Measures

  • Dec 16, 2015

How would be that experience when your car engine stops functioning suddenly or the radio starts playing all by itself. Halt! We aren't going to talk about any horror movie out here rather will be broadening your knowledge horizon in terms of something that might totally be a new term for you. Yes! That's Car Hacking, we know you must be zapped that how can a Car be hacked at the first place isn't it? Well, let us take you to the world of Car Hacking.

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Car Hacking is not an easy task as it requires a high level of knowledge, but one should be well aware as you cannot anticipate that when it will envelop you into its clutch.  Under this concept, the hackers buy cheap Car Hacking Tools that involves a chip which is quite alike the chips that are being developed for computer and mobile phones. That is named as Car ECU i.e. “Electronic Control Unit”, which when gets under the control of the hacker it can disable the speed, hit the brake, etc. It is important to note that each car has a different functioning in addition to a distinctive factor that it can hack the car from a very long distance that too remotely without the car owner/driver being aware of it. It's easy to install the hacking device as the hacker can place the CHT (another car hacking tool) on the exterior portion of the car, which is operated through Car Hacking Software over the internet. The instructions are said to travel through the package of packets, in which the hacker sends the information in the form of a packet which functions a specific action (Eg: Turning off the headlights where it includes Hacking Cars Remotely.

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Car Hacking has purposefully conspired based on the probable grounds:

1) A schemed plan for the occurrence of a deliberate accident (In generic scenario for the Top Notch Residents/ Influential People)
2) To earn Ransom from the stolen car
3) In order to possess the car's ownership after stealing

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The entire write up described here so far is very intimidating, however, we will be throwing some light on the important points of concern that can help you avoid such kind of mishappening in and around you.

So, here are some important key points that will help you all through:-

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1) Being Knowledgeable about Wireless Systems:

It is as important to know about the technical operations equipped in your car besides the basic features that even a layman is aware of. We are specifically talking in perspective of the system that is capable of being operated remotely.

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2) Remotely Shutdown:

We all research to the best of our knowledge when it comes to car purchase and when the car is based on simple technology is easy to understand and operate, however, high-end technology based car possess intricate information in terms of its functionalities. So, one needs to seek proper guidance from the respective dealer to understand the car security system as a whole.

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3) Information Needs To Be Safeguarded:

We generally tend to be very casual and at several times too considerate to share our passwords and other important information with our friends/relatives, etc. However, we don't have any clue of how the information can deliberately travel across places without our knowledge. So, in the case of car hacking before the hacker could even have the full access on these critical information/documents it should be well preserved.

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4) Count on Reliable Dealers/Repairing Vendors:

One should be dependable on only highly accessible dealers/repairing vendors so that they can be contacted in case of emergencies and also due to the fact that the highly regarded brands will ensure the safety of the car at all times.

Car Accessories Purchase Still

5) Be Attentive of Non-Branded Product(s)/Car Related Accessories:

We generally look for look alike or relatively cheap products/accessories from the online space/physically located market around. However, it is highly likely of getting your car trapped in the attack zone so no never choose them at the first place.

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6) Other Equally Important Tips:

We generally don't think much when it comes to the parking of our car at home as we park it on the porch area or maybe sometimes outside the main gate, however if we remain alert and park our car within a garage or walled area then the car cannot be moved outside the enclosed circumference that makes it very secure. Additionally, the keys of the car should be safeguarded in the microwave/metal based box or fridge as this possesses a property of blocking the radio frequency signals from penetration.

We can be thankful for a while till the serious issue has not spread its effects that much so far, however being aware of such a threat can save us from being in its clutch in and near future. This useful piece of information can help not only the readers but also the people who can spread this across through word of mouth.


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