Can you drive your brand new car without an OR/CR?

Can you drive your brand new car without an OR/CR?

The Official Receipt (OR) and Certificate of Registration (CR) are very important for every vehicle as they serve as proof for its registration. Think of them as a special ID for your car.


  • How long will it take to get an OR/CR?

    The car dealership should provide the OR/CR within seven days from the day your car is purchased.
  • Is it allowed to drive with pending OR/CR?

    Yes, but just for a week, and only with a certain document.
  • The OR must be provided by authorized car and motorcycle sellers and must adhere strictly to the LTO-approved format. It indicates vital information including the recipient's address, the vehicle's license plate number, a breakdown of the expenses paid, and the date of transaction.

    The CR, on the other hand, indicates more detailed information on a particular vehicle, including the model, engine number, vehicle class, body number, piston displacement, number of cylinders, net weight, and net capacity.

    Is it allowed to drive your brand-new car with no OR/CR?

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    Yes, but just for a week, and only with a certain document. The sales invoice is the official document that enables you to use your brand-new car without the OR/CR. It is necessary to keep in mind that for this to be acceptable, it must match the car's conduction sticker. Additionally, this allows you to use your car on public roads for up to seven days before receiving your OR/CR. You won't be able to legally drive your car if the seller does not provide you with your CR within seven days.

    What happens if they are unable to provide your OR/CR within seven days?

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    If the seller fails to provide you with OR/CR within seven days, the terms of the sale may have been violated, and the seller may also have engaged in unethical business activities in violation of the Consumer Protection Act. To further investigate the situation, you can then submit a complaint to the Department of Trade and Industry.

    Communicate with the seller for updates.

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    It is important to continuously communicate with the seller in order to prevent delay in the release of OR/CR. This makes it easier for you to monitor the registration status of your car and the progress of getting the required documentation. The seller can also let you know right away if there are any delays in the procedure and what steps you or they should take to hasten it.

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    LTO’s ‘No Registration, No Travel’ policy


    According to the LTO's “No Registration, No Travel” policy, all motor vehicles driven on any public road in the country are required to be registered. It is crucial to remember that every car sold must comply with legal requirements and come with a conduction sticker. During your seven-day grace period, this sticker will serve as your temporary form of identification for the car because it is linked to the documentation related to the purchase of your car until the seller gives you your OR/CR. You should be alright as long as you have a sales invoice that specifies your car's conduction sticker. But to avoid all the hassle, it is highly recommended to limit the use of the car until you have your OR/CR.

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