Your car's windshield wiper blades make rain (and safety risks) go away

Your car's windshield wiper blades make rain (and safety risks) go away

The windshield wipers blades may be one of the smallest parts fitted to your car, but they serve a huge purpose.  


  • What are the key features of the Valeo First?

    Valeo claims its First wiper blades allow easy installation, 3D air control, and Tec formula for better durability.
  • Where are Valeo products available?

    BSB Junrose is the local distributor of Valeo products.Visit BSB Junrose’s authorized resellers to inquire about and purchase Valeo windshield wipers.
  • To ensure unobstructed visibility, these rubber blades swipe away dirt or rain water that land on your car's windscreen. With a clean windscreen, you can better spot whatever lies on the road ahead and have better visibility especially during nighttime. 

    Windshield wipers blades are among the easiest consumable car parts to replace, too. It's easy to know when they need to be changed, and changing them don't require much elbow grease. 

    Read on to know how to take care and when to replace windshield wiper blades. 

    How can I maintain my car's wiper blades?

    When having your car washed, clean the windshield wiper blades with a soft and damp cloth. Doing so will remove the dirt that may have accumulated on the blades. 

    At the same time, inspect the windshield wipers and their blades for metal corrosion, broken frames, or any visible damage on the rubber. When any or all of these are observed, replace the blades.

    Frequently parking your car under harsh sunlight can shorten the blades' longevity, too, that's why in hot countries like ours, experts advise that wiper blades be replaced more frequently.

    Valeo wipers

    When do I replace the car's wiper blades?

    Regardless whether the blades have obvious damage or your car is mostly inside a garage, though, it's best to replace your car’s wiper blades yearly or when there's a noticeable difference in their performance.

    More signs of aging wiper blades include smears, skips, or streaks they apply to the windshield at every swipe. Unusual noise created by the wipers also indicate a need for replacement.

    Also, don't wait for the rainy season to enter before you replace the wiper blades. Perhaps around the end of May, allot time to do this important safety precaution. It's better to be safe than sorry, as we already know. 

    What brand of wiper blades should I get?

    There are several brands of note in the market, and Valeo First is surely among them.  It's made by European auto parts company Valeo, whose products are "designed and manufactured to be efficient, attractive, and easily adaptable for any type of vehicle in the Philippines and even in the entire Southeast Asian region," local Valeo distributor BSB Junrose boasted. 

    Valeo wipers

    Valeo manufactures over 100 million wiper blades annually and distributes them to 33 countries. 

    Visit BSB Junrose’s authorized resellers to inquire about and purchase Valeo windshield wipers. Check out the Valeo Official Store page on Lazada, and follow them on Facebook (VOSPH) to know more about their products. 

    Photos from Valeo 


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