EAV partners with Finnish e-Bike company Revonte

EAV partners with Finnish e-Bike company Revonte

MANILA: Electric Assisted Vehicles Limited (EAV) signed an exclusive contract yesterday with Revonte, one of the e-Bike software and hardware engineering companies in Finland.

Established in 2018, Revonte aims to develop e-Bikes through the introduction of a specialized in-class drive system. The company focuses more on producing advanced software for their own hardware drive systems.

They provide a completely integrated, uninterrupted transfer in the new Revonte ONE Drive system. Through special onboard software, this system offers unparalleled services, connectivity, and customization.

EAV powered by revonte body photo

The EAVcab features high efficiency and stability. It is also more robust and advanced compared to other e-Cargo bikes available. The EAVcab was also engineered from a van rather than from a bicycle.

Along with the Revonte ONE Drive system for specific e-Cargo use, the EAVcab may provide a set for urban lightweight commercial vehicles (UCLV). The package will promote exceptional user data delivery, enhanced operational efficiency, and a competitive user experience.

Technical director and founder of EAV Adam Barmby said that technological evolution is at the core of their task at EAV. They understand that they can replace most cars and vans in urban settings through a bio-mechanical electric hybrid vehicle such as EAV. This means no loss in terms of operational efficiency. Yet, they have to see the extent of how they can enhance that offer, and where those changes should go.

With the EAVcab providing different versions on the same platform, Barmby pointed out that they are already entirely modular. They are also improving their braking, tire, and wheel technologies for all EAV vehicles. Their goal is to ensure safety and protection for both the driver and the passenger.

The integration of the ONE Drive system and collaboration with Revonte to bundle that with EAV vehicles will push their ULCVs far beyond the next level of advancement.

Revonte will work directly with EAV to tailor the software to match with the needs of a new series of cargo e-Bikes. Since the introduction of the Revonte ONE Drive System, the fully customizable design is highly prioritized. The purpose is for meeting the diverse and challenging demands of the ever-growing e-Bike industry.

Otto Chrons, the CEO of Revonte, states that the potential of commercial vehicle operations in urban areas is based on the ULCV or the e-Cargo concept. The vehicles, which are efficient, lightweight, and with no emissions, are operating worldwide in only a short period.

Chrons further explained that through EAV, they could use the Revonte ONE Drive to fulfill the dream. This will be made possible through the production of bikes that are suitable for commercial operators. The bikes should also be efficient in terms of maintenance and ease of use.

Revonte looks forward to working with EAV as the significant manufacturer and developer of e-Cargo ULCVs. They also aim to launch the new vehicle soon with EAV.

The development of the incorporation of Revonte ONE Drive into the EAVcab will start in April this year.



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