Honda CB1000R - Features explained

Honda CB1000R - Features explained

Early in 2017, word came out that Honda is working on a series of new motorcycle that’s going to be very much different than what Honda has ever made. Things got pretty pumped up in the motorcycle industry. Then sometime in Oct, we had a teaser which revealed the Neo Sports Cafe (NSC) design or concept of the upcoming motorcycles. And finally, in Nov, the sheets were pulled off and there was the brand-new Honda CB1000R.


The CB1000R was the first motorcycle of this new series and it was the most powerful one. We are glad that it made its way to the Philippines otherwise we would have missed out on a very beautiful and tempting machine. Of course, being a Honda, you know everything here is going to be top-notch but there are some key features of the CB1000R that we thought to bring into the highlight. So, let’s get started.

Retro-modern design

Honda CB1000R side

This is something that you really can’t miss. In fact, it will be the first thing that you will notice about the CB1000R - it’s retro-modern design. That’s what Honda has been working on for so long. At the front, there’s this round LED headlamp that looks gorgeous thanks to the circumferential LED DRL. Also, the headlight is divided into two for the high and low beams. So overall this gives a very retro-like, classic appearance but at the same time has modern elements. It doesn’t look intimidating. Another interesting retro touch is the chrome treatment on the engine. You will see this from the side view. It is a very subtle touch and looks fantastic. Even the rear end of the CB1000R is very minimalistic. There is a small LED tail light.

Inline 4-cylinder engine

Honda CB1000R engine

From the outside, the CB1000R might look very retro but from the inside, it’s a beast. Powering this machine is a 998 cc, inline 4-cylinder liquid-cooled engine which has been tuned to churn out a max power of 147 bhp at 10,5000 rpm and 104 Nm of peak torque that kicks in at 8250 rpm. It is mated to a 6-speed slick transmission. The power of this thing is immense and makes it a fun bike to ride. Since Honda had to meet strict emission rules, that’s the reason for the big fat exhaust. But hey, you can always get an aftermarket slip-on or a full system. Talking about the exhaust, the four golden pipes emerging out from the engine look fabulous.

Single-sided swingarm

Honda CB1000R Single-sided swingarm

We have a thing for motorcycles with single-sided swingarms! Don’t you? Not only a single-sided swingarm makes the bike look much, much better but it also enhances the bike’s performance and handling. Not all litre-class naked motorcycles come with a single-sided swingarm as it’s an expensive part to use. We are glad that Honda has used one in the CB1000R.

Fully-digital instrument cluster

Honda CB1000R instrument cluster

One of the key Honda CB1000R specs is the fully-digital dash or instrument cluster. What we like about it, apart from being a fully digital unit, is its compact size. Also, the digital tacho on the left side is pretty cool. Of course, it isn’t going to give you the kind of feel which you get in an analogue tacho but it is still pretty great. The dash also provides a tonne of other information like time, speed, gear position indicator, symbols or signs related to the bike’s electronics package, etc.

Suspension and brakes

Honda CB1000R brake & suspension

Honda has used all the top-of-the-line equipment on the CB1000R. For the suspension, we have the Showa SFF - BP (Separate Function Fork - Big Piston) USD forks at the front and Showa BFRC (Balance Free Rear Cushion) at the rear. They are tuned up to be on the stiffer side to maximise performance but can take care of minor undulations on the streets. Coming to the brakes, the front wheel carries two 310 mm rotors whereas the rear has a 256 mm single rotor. The brakes are assisted by a dual-channel ABS and sticky and wide tyres.


We can only mention and make you aware of what’s important or special about the CB1000R but if you actually want to get to know the bike more, you will have to ride it. Talking about it and feeling it are two completely different things. Go to your nearest Honda dealership or if anyone in your circle has one, call him/her and swing a leg over, then you’ll realise what this bike is all about. For us, the new Honda bike had us just by the looks. The new CB1000R price tag reads Php 865,000, this here is a great package.

Purva Jain

Purva Jain

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