Yamaha Nmax: Design, Features & Performance Review

Yamaha Nmax: Design, Features & Performance Review

When it comes to maxi-scooters in the Philippines market, barely any model can come remotely close to the Yamaha Nmax 155, the big and stylish two-wheeler. It is a perfect example of high-selling scooters and you can spot one any time, anywhere.

Yamaha Nmax side

The Yamaha Nmax does not appear to give up its name of being the best scooter in the domestic market. Plus, with the introduction of the 2020 version, there is a lot of new things to love in this scooter. It still looks extremely butch and muscular and likeable at the same time and is definitely one of the best 150cc scooters to choose in the range.

Yamaha Nmax price list in Philippines

Variant Standard ABS
Price PHP 109,000  PHP 119,000

Yamaha Nmax design

Design-wise, there is barely anything to complain about in the Yamaha Nmax 155. It has every single element to ensure great visuals, thereby taking the appeal to the next level.

The front has a long visor that extends up to the digital meter from the sharp headlight. The leadlight is lined up with an LED DRL that offers a much better design language. The rear end is utmostly sculpted, thanks to the dual cluster taillights along with turn indicators.

Yamaha Nmax headlight

The scooter is also very comfortable now. It has a comfortable, single-piece seat unit that is just slightly tilted forward for pillion comfort and balance. The dual piggy-bank suspension system ensures great absorption of shock from bad road bumps.

The Yamaha Nmax 155 scooter is available in a plethora of colour options, including Blue, Gun Metal Grey and Midnight Black. All the Yamaha Nmax 155 colours are dual-tone - blue with grey, gun mental grey with off white and midnight black with golden inserts on the wheels and moniker.

Yamaha Nmax features

The new Yamaha Nmax specs sheet is a complete pile of new features that are incorporated to make the maxi-scooter a much better option than it already was.

For example, the circular display unit has not been replaced by a more likeable and legible rectangular LCD unit that is easier to read and understand. This display shows information like trip meter, fuel meter, speed, average and real-time fuel information, etc.

Yamaha Nmax display

Apart from this, the riders also get an option of smartphone connectivity with the help of the Yamaha app. This app is a very competent one as it displays a wide range of information, like incoming calls, maintenance schedules, engine problems, etc. The illumination is done by LED units both in the front as well as at the rear.

Hence, overall, the 2020 Yamaha Nmax 155 is a great step forward for the people who want to upgrade from an underbone or a mini scooter to a maxi scooter.

Yamaha Nmax mechanics and performance

The Yamaha Nmax 155 has a potent engine under the hood. Though there aren’t any major differences at the heart, the engine continues to be one of the talking points in the scooter. The 155cc, SOHC engine is a liquid-cooled unit and has earned a lot of praise for being extremely fuel-efficient and environment-friendly.

Yamaha Nmax engine

The 155cc engine is capable of churning out a maximum power of 14.9bhp, which comes at 8,000 RPM, along with a peak torque of 14.4 Nm, coming at just 6,000 RPM. The addition of VVA (variable valve actuation) ensures that there is an abundant amount of torque available across the rev range on the tachometer. And needless to say, the throttle response is much better than the older version.

Also, the engine gets a “Stop & Start” feature that shuts the engine off while idling in halted traffic. The engine turns back on the moment the rider twists the throttle. The power is delivered to the wheels via a V-belt automatic gearbox.

Yamaha Nmax features

Yamaha Nmax other technical details

The Yamaha Nmax 155 has thick tyres for its 13-inch wheels. The front tyre is 10-section, while the rear rubber gets a 130-section unit. The standard version gets disc brakes for both the wheels, while the higher variant sees the addition of ABS. The suspension is handled by a telescopic unit in the front and swingarm at the rear. However, the rear section is assisted by two shock absorbers too.

Yamaha Nmax side image

The maxi-scooter has a minimum ground clearance of 135 mm, which is enough to glide over most bumps. It weighs 127 kilograms wet, which is not very heavy and is manageable by almost everyone. The engine as a lubrication oil capacity of one litre, while the tank can accommodate 6.6 litres of fuel.

Summing up

The Yamaha Nmax 155 is a much better version than the previous version. It has a throatier power output and better torque distribution across the rev range, thanks to the presence of the motorcycle maker’s variable valve actuation.

2020 Yamaha NMax

Having said that, the price of the ABS version might seem a little too steep and might cause most buyers to opt for the standard trim. However, ABS is such a mandatory addition to the braking and safety department, it is almost indispensable to opt for the same.

And yes, once you have made a decision of choosing the Nmax 155, you will know that you have made a great choice.

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