Upcoming Electric Cars 2024

Find the price list of Electric Cars in the Philippines. There are a total of 15 Electric car models available for sale. Omoda E5, MG Cyberster, Nissan Ariya, Mercedes-Benz eSprinter and Chery eQ7 are the most popular Electric car models among Philippines car buyers. The lowest-priced model is Omoda E5 priced at ₱1.5 Million and the most expensive one is Nissan Ariya, which retails at ₱5 Million. Please select your desired Electric car models from the list below to know the complete price list in your city, promos, variants, specs, photos, fuel consumption, and review.

Electric Cars Price in Philippines

Model Expected Launch Date
Omoda E5 Nov, 2024
MG Cyberster Nov, 2024
Nissan Ariya Nov, 2024
Mercedes-Benz eSprinter Nov, 2024
Chery eQ7 Nov, 2024
Peugeot e-2008 Oct, 2024
Hycan V09 Nov, 2024
Hycan A06 Plus Oct, 2024
Hycan Z03 Nov, 2024
VinFast VF 5 Oct, 2024
VinFast VF e34 Oct, 2024
VinFast VF 9 Oct, 2024
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15 Upcoming Electric Cars 2024