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Used Suzuki APV for Sale Philippines

Jul 28, 2021 - Currently, 9 Used Suzuki APV for Sale Philippines online. Check out the largest stock of old cars at best price, avail good condition Second Hand Cars in all over Philippines, starting at ₱249,998 only.

9 Used Suzuki APV Cars available for sale in Philippines starting from ₱249,998 . Get great deals on good condition used Suzuki APV cars for sale in Philippines with price, features, images and specifications. Choose from the 9 good condition second hand Suzuki APV cars in Philippines.

Looking for a used Suzuki APV?

For a price of a premium hatchback or an entry-level compact sedan, Suzuki tried to play the card of versatility with its entry-level MUV, the Suzuki APV. Targeted towards small families who want an affordable multi-purpose vehicle, the Suzuki APV serves the smallest MUV of the Philippines car market.

The Suzuki APV is available in the Philippines car market for more than a decade now and was introduced here as a basic compact commercial compact pickup truck. However, Suzuki later tried to make it more usable for the passenger vehicle segment by transforming it into a more practical MPV.
Given its existence in the Philippines car market for a long time now, the Suzuki APV commands decent demand in the used car market, with the used car listing of Zigwheels.ph having 11 different samples of used Suzuki APV.

Not sure if the Suzuki APV is the right fit for you?

If the Suzuki APV is too small and tight on space for your large families, Suzuki sells slightly bigger and more practical MPVs in the form of Ertiga and XL7. Both the Ertiga and XL7 are plusher and more premium than APV, and the XL7 commands better visual appeal with its rugged styling bits similar to that of an SUV.

About the Suzuki APV - Overview

To take on the entry-level seven-seater vehicle category, Suzuki played its good old card of affordability by introducing the APV in the Philippines car market. This smallest MPV of the Philippines car market is positioned below the Ertiga in Suzuki’s lineup and has a footprint of a compact hatchback. This makes it an easy and user-friendly car to drive while having the practicality of a traditional seven-seater MUV.

Available in the Philippines car market for more than a decade now, the Suzuki APV is currently in the facelifted version of the first-ever model brought here. This current iteration of Suzuki APV is being offered in two different variants:

Suzuki APV GA MT

Both these variants of the Suzuki APV get the same powertrain option in the form of a 1.6-litre four-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine coupled to a 5-speed manual gearbox. This engine breathes out a maximum power output of 92 PS and a peak torque output of 127 Nm.

Given its compact and budget-oriented positioning, the Suzuki APV misses out on many premium and contemporary features. However, this small MUV still packs in much-required essentials like power windows all around, an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with 6 speakers and navigation support, manual air conditioning, and dual front airbags.

Apart from a very comprehensive list of used cars put up on sale by both owners as well as dealers, Zigwheels.ph also has a number of useful articles and tips to buy, run and maintain second-hand vehicles. You can visit our website for more such related content.

Popular years

APV 2008-2012

This was the time when Suzuki introduced the APV in two different versions – a small pickup truck and a small minivan. Both the versions shared the same engine and gearbox options, but the body style and seating configurations were entirely different.

APV 2012-Present

The Suzuki APV got its first-ever major makeover in 2012, with the minivan getting subtle upgrades to its frontal styling and interior cabin layout. In 2017, Suzuki tried to make the APV slightly more premium by incorporating a few add-on features, while retaining the powertrain options under the hood.

2nd hand Suzuki APV for sale: Pros & cons

While the price point of the Suzuki APV makes it a compelling option to buy, it has its own share of shortcomings too. Here are all the pros and cons of Suzuki APV:

Used Suzuki APV Pros

The compact dimensions similar to that of a hatchback make the Suzuki APV a very easy-to-drive vehicle even in the tightest of traffic conditions.

The engine of the Suzuki APV is easily the most efficient 1.6-litre petrol engine around right now and is decently powerful for the MPV

Used Suzuki APV Cons

The budget-oriented positioning of the Suzuki APV naturally has made it feel quite basic in terms of looks and features

The Suzuki APV is a seven-seater vehicle, however, the last row of seats is only good enough for kids and not full-sized adults due to limited knee room

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Used Suzuki APV for Sale Philippines Price List

Used Suzuki APV for Sale Philippines Price List starts at ₱249,998 for the model Suzuki APV, in all a total of 9 2nd hand cars available for sale in the Philippines

Model Price list
Used Suzuki APV Starts @ ₱249,998 *
1 / 0
+ 18 Photos
2018 Suzuki APV
19,000 KM, Gasoline, GLX 1.6L MT
1 / 0
+ 11 Photos
2016 Suzuki APV
45,000 KM, Gasoline, GLX 1.6L MT
1 / 0
+ 9 Photos
2020 Suzuki APV
90,000 KM, Gasoline, SGX A/T
1 / 0
+ 4 Photos
2020 Suzuki APV
5,000 KM, Gasoline, GA 1.6L MT
1 / 0
+ 9 Photos
2013 Suzuki APV
60,000 KM, Gasoline, GLX 1.6L MT
1 / 0
+ 9 Photos
2019 Suzuki APV
90,000 KM, Gasoline, GLX 1.6L MT
1 / 0
+ 7 Photos
2017 Suzuki APV
40,000 KM, Gasoline, GLX 1.6L MT
1 / 0
+ 8 Photos
2014 Suzuki APV
68,000 KM, Gasoline, GA 1.6L MT
1 / 0
+ 1 Photos
2010 Suzuki APV
10,000 KM, Gasoline, GA 1.6L MT