Five Car Modifications that can Transform your Dull Lady into a Hot Beauty

  • Sep 29, 2015

MANILA: Car modifications as good as it may sound, are equally worthy of trying. The four-wheel beautification market is not new, its roots goes down to the earliest of times. But, recent days have seen growing public interest with its market share increasing with every passing fortnight. They are an easy way to enhance your car appearance and if being in the limelight is your thing then it is surely your cup of tea.

It doesn't matter whether you owe an old grandpa car or have a used car, these modifications work like magic. But like every good thing, this one too is accompanied by few flaws, like cost factor and safety issues. So, before going in for any transformation scheme, we would suggest you to consult a reliable mechanic.

Following are the top five exterior body modifications -

1. Headlights

You can either go for a masked or coloured pair of headlights, both of which will increase the rugged appearance of your car. It will satisfy 'the need for speed' desire of your car, though only in looks. So, make an intelligent choice and go for an altered pair suiting your car design language. But before going for one, remember that such alterations will affect the illumination and pattern of your lights on the road. Same is the case with coloured lights though they emit a bright white light but have far less penetration.

2. Graphics

Two words; quick and simple. One of the cheapest methods that can transform your car into a stronger and aggressive looking mean machine is by graphics. With the advent of computer designing software, you now have a long array of designs to choose from and if you are lucky enough, who knows you can get to design one as per your wish. But before one is stapled to your car body, we suggest thinking twice as a wrong graphic can ruin the entire look.

3. Rear Spoiler

This one is a tough boy toy. It gives your simple car a sporty feel, though do not expect any performance up-gradations as that will come with an under bonnet revision. Rear spoilers come in varied styles suiting your car body style, like for hatchbacks you have the option to place it over the rear windshield and in case of a sedan either go for a windshield or trunk placement. The job of rear spoilers is to channel air over the car to achieve the optimal drag coefficient but if not paired correctly it can reduce the performance.

4. Alloy Wheels

Time for some tire-job, yes you heard it right, even the tires can be beautified, giving your car a million dollar look. These days, custom shops provide for a number of rim options and designs but, don't go overboard with the wheel choices. We would suggest one-inch expansion like you can go from a 15-inch wheel size to a 16-inch, but don't experiment any further or else you would be inviting trouble. Just remember, the overall diameter (rim + tire) should not exceed what the manufacturer had made room for.

5. Side Skirts

Lastly, you can go for side skirts they are attachments to the car's side profile and gives it a more sporty and expensive feel. Available in both body colors and contrast, it comes in different shapes and sizes. But remember, like all other it too has its downfalls. As the attachment is made from underneath, it reduces the car's ground clearance, which in not a good thing when living in a flood-prone country like the Philippines. So always be cautious and keep a note that minimum ground clearance mark is not crossed.


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