Mechanics Aside, Pronounce it Right: Car Brand Pronunciations

  • Feb 18, 2016

If you are a hardcore auto enthusiast, you will definitely feel irritated when someone pronounces a car brand in a wrong way. It's not a child's play to get them right until and unless you have heard them before. All these names have an origin from different languages and that is why we fumble while reciting them. To save you from such embarrassing situations, we at CarBay decided to present you with a list of most mispronounced car brands.


volkswagen pronunciation

Volkswagen is a German word which means 'People's Automobile' in English. Going by the name, it's first venture was to create a people's car. Volkswagen's history starts from 28th May 1937 when it was created by a Deutsch company 'Geselschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagen mbH'.


Peugeot pronunciation

The name Peugeot comes from its founder's name which was Armand Peugeot. He was a French industrialist and pioneer of automobile industry in his times.


renault pronunciation

The name Renault is of Latin origin and means 'ruler's advisor'. In French language, it is also largely used as a boy's name.


porsche pronunciation

This brand gets its name from its founder, Ferdinand Porsche who was an Austrian engineer and started this company in 1931. Basically, the word 'Porsche' has got a German origin.


lamborghini pronunciation

Getting its name from its founder Ferruccio Lamborghini, this Italian brand was originally named as Automobili Lamborghini. Famous for its luxury sports car, Lamborghini was founded by Ferruccio in 1963.


chevrolet pronunciation

Just like many other brands, Chevrolet also gets its name from its founder Louis Chevrolet. Louis was an automotive engineer who founded this company in 1911 in Detroit.


maserati pronunciation

Founded by Maserati brothers, this Italian brand gets its name from their family name. This luxury automaker was established in 1914 with an aim to build ultra-luxury performance vehicles.


subaru pronunciation

Going by the logo of Subaru, it is a Japanese name for Pleiades star cluster which had seven stars in it.


citroen pronunciation

Citroen is a Dutch name which means 'small lemons man'. But this French brand derives its name from its founder Andre Gustave Citroen who founded this company in 1919.


buick pronunciation

David Buick was the founder of Buick Motor Car Company who had also invented the overhead valve engine. Being an American automaker, this name also has an English origin.


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