Top 5 MPV\'s that are equally competent to SUVs

  • Dec 09, 2015

When you plan to buy a car for your family, you invest all your precious time and energy to meet the basic and extraneous requirements that are met through various brands in the market space. Considering the general public, the basic features that count on our list incorporates style, performance, storage and seating space, color variants, engine, etc. So with this context, it appears that the search is easy in hand, however, with the mushrooming brands and high level of competition it becomes a bit tricky to choose just one among them. In order to remove the doubt clouds from your mind, we will put forward few models that fall in the best category of MPV Car range that can also be referred as competent with the SUV Cars.

MPV Image

MPV Car that in elaborate terms mean Multi Purpose Vehicle, it stands at the position of having the potential of catering the requisites of end users in generic and family oriented cars. MPV Car is usually put into use by the companies that hire taxi/cab, family, etc.

There are key points that make the MPV's come out with flying colors and stand tall in the competitive market which, later influence the consumers buying choice:-

1) Reasonable
2) Roomy
3) All-Purpose Usefulness
4) Adjustable Rear Seat
5) Pragmatic
6) Adaptable People Carrier

On the basis of these attributes, we propose to showcase series of Top 5 models that will be classified in the bracket of MPV Car:

1) Citroen Grand C4 Picasso MPV:

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso MPV has a reasonable diesel engine along with being environmental friendly. With a feather in its cap of having a premium quality interior, and just visualize how relaxing a journey would be if it possesses a key less entry in addition to the start. In a nutshell, it's a very practical automobile in the common terms additionally being very appropriate for a family purpose.

2) Ford S-MAX MPV:

Ford S-Max MPV accommodates 7 seats that give the most enjoyable and cosy ride. In terms of appearance, it doesn't lose the chance in being elegant yet very pragmatic in reference to the usefulness. So, loosen up when you feel the panic attack of how the luggage will be accommodated in the most convenient manner, as it will ease you in this matter. Additionally, if you are considering safety on priority then this model will surely come in your good books.

3) Volkswagen Sharan MPV:

Volkswagen Sharan MPV clarifies the end consumers who assume that MPV's can't stand as robust as an SUV. As this model flaunts its rugged and dynamic body along. Ruggedness here by no means refer to the compromise in the comfort level since this model scores 10/10 in terms of making one give homely environment.

4) BMW 2 Series Active Tourer MPV:

Your friend circle/relatives are ardent car fanatics? And they comment outrightly about your car every time you come in their sight? No worries, as BMW 2 Series Active Tourer MPV will make you feel proud of possessing superior interior quality irrespective of being on the high price bracket. As being high priced is complimented with features worth a mention. It won't even dishearten you on the performance parameter as it is equipped with an economical engine system.

V-Class MPV Photograph

5) Mercedes V-Class MPV:

Flamboyant cars make you stuck in the middle of your journey? That wow-some factor is truly attained by this Mercedes V-Class MPV furnishes plenty of space to relax and be seated. The high-end specifications fabricated in this model marks it in the fleet of first class rank.

With the end of this article we can come up the inference that this informative and to the point write up that has stricken the right words and features for your reference will help you narrow the choices the next time you plan to have a new family member in your car kingdom or even the first car for that matter. These 5 TOP MPV convoy can leave you lovestruck through its charismatic looks and amazing features. The orientation of this article is articulated keeping into consideration the live experience and reviews of the end consumers and experts of this industry on a global level.


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