Auto World Celebrates \'Back To The Future\' Day with DeLorean DMC-12 and Nissan\'s New Kid

  • Oct 21, 2015

MANILA: “Back To The Future” is a famous 80s Hollywood classic and it’s one of classic car movies. The fans decided to pay a tribute to the movie by celebrating October 21 as the official “Back To the Future Day”. The day is recognized as this name because it's the future date in the second movie of the trilogy which was played by a couple, Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker who traveled time with Dr. Emmett Brown.


The DeLorean DMC-12 which has been casted in the shots available is a car from North Ireland which has been so exclusive that it is the only car manufactured by its producer and shown in the alleged trilogy. This specially made car was built over a fibreglass chassis with underbody structure. The shell is made up of stainless steel with wings opening upwards like any other modern supercar. The team has managed well to find one in well maintained condition in the current time. The manufacturer discontinued the further plans of keeping this machine on the roads as the crisis and slump shed off the progress but the Govt. has managed to count the total number of the same as 6500 by the year 2007.


It has been noticed that movie geeks have started posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram to celebrate this day in order to pay tribute. Our Filipino couple also decided to pay tribute by playing the role of the movie characters. Elijah and Joanna Mendoza shared their pictures to the renowned magazine group as Elijah is a former officemate at summit Media and he's working as the product marketing manager of Starmobile. However, Joanna is the managing editor of Summit Books division.


The Nissan’s new machine is currently roaming on the cyber world and social media along with twitter with the hashtag #backtothefuture and is currently on trend making people get a chance to sparkle and buckle up their pace in search engine’s hit list. The good thing about the new car from Nissan is it bears the same body kit which the DeLorean used to in the 80’s for the film.

Mr. and Mrs. Mendoza went to the next level to play the character of Marty and Jennifer and they managed to get a DeLorean DMC-12 for the photoshoot. Elijah also bought a pair of “not-so-self-lacing shoes” from an online retailer, and then made a hover board and Almanac copy using materials from scratch.


The couple revealed their true devotion along with their sons Paolo and Milo. This looked like a true tribute and an amazing celebration of the trending #backtothefuture day.


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