Planning to Buy a Mini, Know About its Pros & Cons

  • May 11, 2016

MANILA: Mini like its name produces cars which are both small and cute. If someone owns a Mini then you can consider them to be rich as these cars cost a fortune. Another lesser known and interesting fact about Mini is that the brand is owned by BMW group, thus speaks loud for its reliability and longevity.

Latest happenings under Mini's roof -

Talking specifically about the Philippines auto market, Mini's existence here is not new as the brand has spent a good proportion of its life on our land. Only a few days from now, Mini Philippines added a new member to its small family of six cars. Yes you guessed it right, we are talking about the all-new Mini Convertible.

Convertible launched in the Philippines

What we did this week?

This advancement in the Mini's household forced us to do a small analysis of this brand. No, we are not talking about a car by car analysis here, rather what we did is an overall brand analysis. As there are few things in all car brands that remain common across all their line-up. It's like the basic DNA structure that is shared by all of its creations and what each consumer is deemed to experience if he/she owns one.

So below we'll find five pointers under Mini’s pros and cons section each, that'll give you a good idea about -

How Mini is as a brand?
Will it be a right decision to own one?

PROS - Let's first see its positive side

1. Reliability is synonymous to Mini

As mentioned earlier, Mini is a fully owned subsidiary of BMW Group, a brand known for its design and quality. Thus, taking its family tradition further, Mini too offers unmatched quality and reliability. So, investing here is safe.

2. Driving Mini is Super Fun

These are the exact words that you'll say after driving cars manufactured under Mini's roof. It’s just a sheer fun, from quick acceleration pick-up to taking sharp turns, it is a complete package. In addition, its small size gives it an edge on the parking and traffic manoeuvring front.

 Clubman launch

3. Maintenance is no hurry with Mini

Yes, it's true when buying a Mini you can just sit back and relax on the service and maintenance front. For two years, yes that's what we observed, the car can go without a service check-up, even an oil change is not required. And God forbid, if any such requirement ever occurs, then every expense is covered under its 3-year warranty.

4. High resale value

Like all the other high-end cars, Mini too ensures a high resale value. Obviously, given the fact that your car is in good condition and free from any malfunction.

5. Customise it the way you like

What impresses us most about Mini is its massive pool of accessories. Mini's official websites gives you a number of options to play around with, thus, building a Mini fulfilling all your needs and wants.

CONS - Time to discover its darker side

1. It's expensive

Short and simple, the car is expensive. And if you go on for all the additional options present in its kit then one can not even dare to look at the price tag. In general, if one selects all the options then a Mini’s cost increases by more than 30%. No doubt every penny spent on it will give you complete value in days to come.

2. Limited sources to get one

By sources, we mean dealerships. It's not only a problem alone in the Philippines but with many other countries around the world. Talking specifically about its Philippines presence, the brand only has three dealership present in the country, one in Global City, another one in Cebu and last one in Roadshow Greenhills.

mini copper front

3. Don't expect a roomy cabin -

Mini, like its name, is manufacturer’s small car that falls short both on the rear seating capacity and boot space. Thus, making it unsuitable to enlist under the family car and suitable for long journeys.

4. Eats expensive fuel

Yes, it’s true, Mini only churns on expensive premium fuel. Though cheap fuel can also be used but that would restrict Mini's awesome fuel economy numbers.

5. Only a Mini service centre will serve you well

A non-Mini service centre is of no use as they won't be able to repair your car. So you have to go to its authorised service centre only that you know are limited in number.


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