This Volkswagen T-Cross owner shares her favorite features of the SUV

This Volkswagen T-Cross owner shares her favorite features of the SUV

Although it was released just a few months ago, the Volkswagen T-Cross has already become the confident SUV choice of many Filipinos. T-Cross owner Mary Grace Enriquez shared what makes the multi-faceted subcompact SUV a promising model in its segment.

When Enriquez and her husband were planning to purchase their second, bigger vehicle, they did not expect that they would consider buying the T-Cross. She shared, “Our tiny vehicle suited us when there’s just my husband and I, but when we have to have other people ride with us, it gets really cramped. I said the new vehicle will have to have at least four doors and because we live in an area where the main road would be flooded during the rainy season, we wanted a vehicle with high ground clearance so, we agreed to look at subcompact SUVs.”

Although the subcompact SUV market features a wide range of choices, the T-Cross is the only option that made Enriquez’ husband giddy. “The thought of owning a newly released SUV, and a Volkswagen at that, made him really excited,” she said.

Volkswagen T-Cross owner Mary Grace Enriquez and husband

They also consulted their friends to help them decide which vehicle to purchase. “We posted pictures of the T-Cross and another subcompact SUV brand on Facebook and asked friends which they would choose. The T-Cross won by a mile, mainly because it’s a Volkswagen, so it’s definitely well-built and as a friend based in Australia put it, with the high standards Australia has placed on what touches their soil, there is a reason why Volkswagen is in Australia, while the other brand is not,” Enriquez recalled.

The couple also watched numerous videos and read different reviews about the T-Cross to make sure that their vehicle of choice is worth it. In order to finalize their decision, they decided to visit the dealership. “After repeated test drives at the Volkswagen dealership, the T-Cross proved its comfortability when we were on the road and it absorbed the bumps we encountered,” Enriquez said.

According to Enriquez, they were captivated by the SUV’s design and functional features, but what made her feel confident about their choice is the vehicle’s safety features. “Being a new driver, knowing that Volkswagen’s technology will keep me safe in possible unforeseen events puts me at ease,” she said.

Aside from the T-Cross’ stylish design and modern features such as its infotainment system with Apple CarPlay, panoramic sunroof, and leather and fabric seating material, Enriquez adds that her husband “was overjoyed to find that the T-Cross has cornering lights. I suppose he has never experienced this in his years of driving.”

Every purchase of the T-Cross comes with a periodic maintenance service (PMS) schedule of once a year or every 10,000 km, a three-year or 100,000-km warranty coverage, and a two-year spare parts warranty.

“I chose what is complete in one package—the vehicle where style meets comfort and safety,” Enriquez stated.

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