Top 5 Gift Ideas for Dad Who Love Cars More than their Wives

  • Jun 17, 2016

Father’s Day is around the corner and it's’ time to make him feel special. Of Course, dad holds a special place for all of us in our hearts but how often we are used to make him feel the way he deserves to? Probably, his birthday is one such day when we do extra efforts in order to pamper him and next would be Father’s Day where we get to show a little more affection and love. So, instead of getting a gift from your dad, here is a chance to make his day special by gifting him some of the coolest auto-centric products. Cars as passion is something, which gets passed from one generation to another and there could be quite a few real examples where the car enthusiasm has been passed from a father to his son. If your father is also a real petrol head and whooping sound of cars interest him than anything else in this world or your idiot box plays those drag racing events and F1 races quite often with your dad enjoying every bit of it then this article can surely make your day. It’s a special day and you as son/daughter would like to make it extra special by presenting him something he loves. Won’t you like this to happen? You would love this to happen for sure. Here, we at CarBay have compiled a list of awesome products that would certainly do the trick.

#1 Ferrari Gear


If he is crazy for speed, has a refined taste or in simple words Ferrari fanatic then what could be better than gifting him the classy gear from Italian auto marquee that suits his impeccable automotive taste. There are quite a few products you can go for ranging from cap to a cool t-shirt, from a professional business card holder to a funky jacket, from a trendy sunglass to a pair of driving gloves. You can find a perfect mix of quality products and form a basket of the same. Few options you can contribute to the gift hamper include cap, apparel, watch, sunglass, belt, headphones, gloves, card holder, tie, perfume and keychain. Apart from these, you can also grab a backpack or a travel trolley if your father loves to travel around countries or loves trekking for that matter.

#2 BMW Office Kit


If you are reading this article then surely you are on the quest of finding a perfect gift for an auto maniac dad and for that matter you have landed on an ideal web page. Here is one of the perfect present options you can surprise your dad with. If you’re dad is fan of Bavarian brand then here is what you can endow him with, an office kit. That kit would be really professionally allied to the BMW’s class and aristocracy. An array of options that would perfectly suit the cause are as follows:

  • Flash drive: An essential for every father whose KRA involves computers. It would be a perfect option for a workaholic dad who can now carry his files and documents in style.

  • Laptop bag: Another stylish and classy option you can present him is a laptop bag, which could compliment his formal attire to perfection.

  • Thermos: If your dad is a coffee or tea lover and wants a perfect sip every time he gulps the same then thermos with a BMW brand tag would be an optimal option.

  • Wallet: Gift your dad a dapper wallet that matches his exquisite taste.

#3 Lamborghini Ties and Cufflinks

Owning a Lamborghini is everyone’s dream and if your dad is crazy brand fan then once in his lifetime he would have wanted to own one for sure. It can’t be everyone’s fulfilled desire but having a possession with that tag won’t be a bad option either. Lambo tie under that formal suit would only add a cherry on the cake.

#4 Auto-themed Books

auto book

To ignite a reader from your dad’s personality who is crazy for cars, books with historic cars would be a perfect present. Gift him these best auto books of all time and see his happiness go on a next level this Father’s Day.

  • Go Like Hell- Written by A.J Baime, Go Like Hell is the saga of the most adrenaline rushing competition between, Enzo Ferrari and Henry Ford II.

  • Clarkson of Cars- An icon of the auto world, Jeremy Clarkson pens down his experiences with auto in this book depicting his 20 years of journey, reviewing cars. It not only provides a deep insight about cars but also makes you laugh like hell.

  • The Limit- Written by Michael Cannell, The Limit is a story of two racers, Phil Hill and Wolfgang von Trips competing against each other in an epic battle.

  • Form Follows Function: The Art of the Supercar- It is a visual treat to look displaying the illustrious work of an automotive photographer, James Mann.

#5 Garage Parking Sensors

parking sensors

If your dad faces difficulty in parking his car in garage and often goes too far ahead in that compact space then it’s probably time to gift your dad with a garage parking sensor. The sensor can be fitted at the garage wall equivalent with the car’s bumper height. It has an indicator light above it, which notifies you of the danger. You’ll be indicated by the light when it’s right time to stop. Green light shows you are good to go ahead while yellow and red lights indicate you to slow down and eventually stop.

Final Word

Hope the aforementioned gift ideas are good enough to make you choose an ideal gift for your petrol head dad. We have listed down the top five present options in this article while there can be more such options for a car nut, just your dad. Surprise him with a gift this sunday and make him feel special.

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