Choosing A Car that Fits Your Lifestyle: A Short Guide

  • Jun 17, 2016

Things were certainly much simple when there were just a handful of car models for people to buy. Even though the 21st century has been instrumental in the development and popularity of passenger cars and automobiles, the innumerable choices in the market has made the buyer even more confused. With various model categories such as Sedans, SUVs, Minivans, Convertibles, Hatchbacks and Pickups etc. first time buyers often face a difficult situation in choosing the vehicle that offers both practicality and suits their lifestyle. It is always easy to get swayed away by market trends and go for the model that sells the most in your country. But if you want a vehicle that will actually reflect your own personality and fit your day to day needs, here’s a short buying guide that can help you choose better.

Budget Car

1. Set Your Budget

Before you even think about listing down your favorite models, you actually need to think weather you’ll be able to afford it or not. This sounds pointless but car buying can be nothing less than rocket science for a first timer. Hence the most important thing is to set your budget and then look for the models that you can buy in the funds you have. Just because Mercedes is a highly renowned premium brand doesn’t mean it will suit your pocket or your lifestyle. This would also help you identify the amount of loan that you need to buy your chosen car model. Therefore setting the budget should be your topmost priority, if you do not want to end up being broke after purchasing your first car.

Requirement Fulfilled

2. Know Your Requirements

Just because a Hummer can fit in plenty of passengers, luggage and is one of the toughest production vehicles in existence, doesn’t mean it will be perfect for your family. Therefore it is always important to know your own needs before you look at various models available. Just like most Filipinos, you might be inclined towards a Sedan model as a choice for your first car. But once you realise that your family of 6 cannot be comfortable inside any sedan in the market, you will certainly go for a different model. The amount of distance you need to travel on a daily basis also makes a huge impact on your choice. If you need to travel anything more than 30-35 kilometers on a daily basis you should also consider buying a diesel drivetrain that would offer more miles per gallon.

Fuel Consumption

3. Engine Power and Fuel Consumption

No matter what power automobile manufacturers will provide their cars with, these will never be enough for the autogeeks across the globe. But when it comes to buying a vehicle for practical use, you must definitely choose the engine power wisely. The idea of having a V8 monster under your hood will surely result in a lot of attention from public, but will definitely burn a hole in your pocket if you want to use it for daily commute. The engine output is inversely proportional to amount of fuel it consumes and if you decide to buy a vehicle powered by a huge drivetrain (anything above 2.0-litre), be ready to spend a lot of money on fuel. At the same time, if you want to buy a recreational vehicle that could stride easily in unusual terrains such as riversides, jungles or hills, you would require a lot of engine power.

Safety First

4. Luxury and Safety

If you do not have a lot of money to throw at your first vehicle, then you have to find the right balance of luxury and safety features in your available options. If you go for too many luxury features in dearth of proper safety, there is a high chance that your driving stint won’t last very long. At the same time, choosing a vehicle just for its safety can also take the fun out from a car and make it appear too damn boring. Safety features too come for a price and apart from anti-lock braking system and airbags, other advanced features are often provided on premium models. Even though you’re buying an entry level hatch for daily commute doesn’t mean it has to be bland and discomforting. Features such as power windows, automatic transmission, heated seats and climate control etc. sure make your car feel more luxurious and upmarket, but these will also add to the vehicle’s overall price.

Vehicular trends never stay the same and it is always considered a smart move to choose a vehicle according to your needs rather than going for the highest selling car. Despite of the model or brand you finally decide on, the above pointers will help you to know what you actually require from a car; thus helping you make an intelligent and informed decision.


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