Why is the power steering liquid important to your car?

Why is the power steering liquid important to your car?

Many first-time car owners can be intimated by the maintenance needs of their vehicles, but they can actually cut it down to the basics like checking tires, engines, lights, and fuels, then a visit to the mechanic for further consultation and assistance.

To assure that all of the car parts operate smoothly, it is also advisable to check all the vital fluids that the car needs. One of these is the power steering fluid (PSF), a hydraulic fluid that transmits power in modern vehicles with power steering. This fluid also allows the driver to turn the steering wheel smoothly.

Although PSF is not usually included in regular car maintenance, it still needs to be maintained to prevent dust and dirt from building up and getting into the vehicle’s pinion seals and rack, which may damage it. When the car’s PSF is low, the driver would find it difficult to turn the steering wheel. It is also advisable to check the PSF level when the steering wheel starts to produce loud noises and when there are stains under the vehicle.

5 Common Causes of Difficulty in Turning the Steering Wheel (by Prestone)

Prestone, a trusted quality brand of auto care fluids since 1927, recommends changing the PSF immediately if you ever find any indicator that your vehicle is low on this type of fluid. The company also advises all car owners to use high-grade fluids and consult expert mechanics to maintain it.

The Prestone Power Steering Fluid uses a stop leak technology to protect pumps against breakdown caused by wear, oxidation, and foaming. This results in less pump squealing and helps in enabling a smooth power steering operation. It also streams at sub-zero temperatures to ensure cold weather steering performance.

It is also advised to avoid buying counterfeit products sold in the market, especially brake fluid. Using fake products on your vehicle can cause malfunctions or permanent damage of various parts, which may lead to a car breakdown, engine replacement, or accidents. To verify the authenticity of the product, check the details, look for imperfections, and look for the PS mark or ICC stickers issued by the Philippine Bureau of Product Standards.

To learn more about Prestone products, log on to its official website at prestone.com.ph and like the official Facebook page, Prestone Philippines. To purchase authentic Prestone products online, visit The Clorox Company Flagship Store on Lazada (lazada.com.ph/shop/the-clorox-company).

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