Chinese luxury carmaker Hongqi officially enters Philippine market

Chinese luxury carmaker Hongqi officially enters Philippine market

MANILA: Hongqi officially announced its arrival in the Philippine market with EvoxTerra as its distributor. Established in 1958, Hongqi (pronounced “hong-chi) is one of China's most prestigious luxury passenger car brands.


  • What is the history of Hongqi?

    The Hongqi brand of automobile debuted in 1958. The Hongqi automobile has since evolved into a state vehicle for Chinese presidents and significant national occasions. A new strategy and design idea that Hongqi brand unveiled in 2018 resulted in a spike in market sales and the gradual realization of worldwide exports.
  • Where will the first Hongqi dealership open?

    The first Hongqi dealership will open in BGC, Taguig City, soon, the company said in a statement. The brand might make the E-HS9 SUV as its first product offering.
  • The carmaker’s line of limousines and SUVs continues to be used by high-ranking government officials and visiting heads of state, as well as influential heads of industries, prominent business personalities, and celebrities.

    “We are extremely proud to bring this legendary car marque to the Philippines and let Filipinos finally experience for themselves the many reasons why Hongqi remains such an enduring international brand,” said Rashid Delgado, President of EvoxTerra, in a statement.

    Hongqi E-HS9

    The appointment of EvoxTerra as Hongqi's official distributor comes after the appearance of the Hongqi E-HS9 SUV at the 10th Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit (PEVS) in October last year.

    Hongqi First Dealership to open in BGC

    The first Hongqi dealership will open in BGC, Taguig City, soon, the company said in a statement.

    Hongqi E-HS9

    A full-size smart luxury electric SUV from FAW called the Hongqi E-HS9 was released worldwide and entered Norway as the first European market in 2021.

    Since its release, the model has attracted considerable interest and gotten glowing reviews from customers, thanks to the E-HS9's quality and luxurious feeling. To answer the requests of customers throughout the world, Hongqi Factory has now started producing this model in large quantities.

    No official specification has been given, but the foreign-market Hongqi E-HS9 uses a dual-motor system with front motor power-160kw and rear motor power of 245kw.

    Hongqi E-HS9

    The E-HS9 has a large-capacity battery of 100kwh with an overlay lateral protection structure, which supports a range of between 510 to 600 kilometers, and a standstill to 100kph acceleration time of 4.9 seconds. Moreover, the model is equipped with smart AWD and seven driving modes.

    The Hongqi E-HS9 with metallic paint looks sleek and contemporary. A 22-inch wheel rim and vertical-grid grille are fitted to the 5,209 millimeter long automobile body, which results in a startling dynamic effect.

    The vehicle boasts an extensive luxury package that includes a sensor-activated smart wiper system, an LED threshold strip, a courtesy lamp on the external rear view mirror, hidden door handles, and automated door locks.

    Hongqi E-HS9

    The E-HS9’s cabin is roomy and loaded with modern conveniences. Electric power can be used to adjust every seat. It should be noted that the steering wheel is likewise covered in leather and has electric heating and ventilation as well as Nappa or Alcantara for the front and center seats.

    Wood adornes the E-HS9's interior. A dual screen with analog meters and a digital multi-information display is present. Under the main console, there is still another LCD display. The third row of seats has three curved LCD panels, two of which are on the backs of the front seats and one of which is in front of the center armrest. Information synchronization is possible across all of the car's screens.

    Additionally, the E-HS9 also has smart control four-zone automatic air conditioning, while passengers can take use of the wide, crystal-clear panoramic sunroof and the liftgate's opening position memory feature.

    Hongqi E-HS9

    Similar to the majority of contemporary vehicles, the SUV’s Bluetooth digital key and mobile app can be used to perform features including automatic parking, remote unlocking, climate control, and automobile search. A lavish entertainment and life aid system is also made available to the consumers and is put in the central console.

    Automotive driving functions (such as DSM, BSD, Cross Reverse Warning, LDWS, LKA, and LCA) not only notify the driver to their level of sleepiness but also warn pedestrians when they are very close to the vehicle. The driver and passengers are additionally shielded from harm by the fully functional airbags.

    Photos from Hongqi and Dylan Afuang

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