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LOOK: New markers installed on EDSA Busway barriers

LOOK: New markers installed on EDSA Busway barriers

MANILA: Take a look at the new markers put up by the MMDA (Metropolitan Manila Development Authority) on barriers on EDSA to separate private vehicles from the innermost lane reserved for PUBs (public utility buses).

This comes after several accidents resulting in injuries and death, along with damage to public and private property, happened in consecutive weeks following the installation of the barriers.

“Seven out of 10 units of 300mm yellow flashing lights have been placed in strategic locations on Edsa for additional road guidance for motorists. We are still planning on where to place the other three units of yellow flashing lights,” said MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim.

MMDA hazard markers installed body photo

Additional hazard markers were also mounted on barriers along southbound lane of EDSA particularly at the following areas:

  • Before Cubao underpass
  • At the approach of Santolan-MRT Station
  • In front of Megamall approach of Shaw Boulevard-MRT Station split road
  • At the approach of Guadalupe-MRT station
  • In front of San Carlos Seminary

The MMDA has also installed six units of bollards yellow flashing lights in these locations:

  • Two on the northbound lane of EDSA, specifically at Kalayaan and Pioneer
  • The other four are at southbound portion of EDSA: Scout Borromeo; after Santolan-MRT station; after Ortigas MRT station; and after Guadalupe station.

Photos from the MMDA

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